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bullet   "Dance to African gods?  No problem, unless someone threatens a lawsuit."

In the 1997-1998 school year, my then 4th grade son came home concerned about an assembly he went to.  "You wouldn't have liked it mom" he said.  "They chose kids to dance to African gods."

I called the principal to find out what he was talking about.  There had been an assembly that day in the name of culture.  The school district had hired a "troop" to come in to all the schools, play songs on African instruments.  They then began playing songs of worship to their African gods and then wanted children to come up and dance with them.  Of course, children were enthralled and wanted to join in on stage.  Many hands were raised and the lucky chosen got to participate.

I told the principal I was outraged and if it was MY child who danced to other gods, something abhorrent to the God of Abraham, they would be talking to my lawyer.

   More recently I discussed this with the Asst. Superintendent of our school.   He reminded me that my son had the right to stand up and object.  I was amazed.  He expects my FOURTH GRADE SON to have discernment over these matters?  He's in FOURTH GRADE, he trusted his teacher, all his friends were dancing, and he thinks my son should be able to recognize this is something against his faith?

This is even more concerning, that a school superintendent who is a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL in teaching children doesn't understand that they are impressionable?  He thinks an eight year old child should make adult decisions, and be strong enough to stand up in front of a whole school, raise his little fist  and proclaim, "This is wrong."? 


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