"Tell children to believe poker chips will protect them?  If parents complain, stop.
  Switch to something else."  

One of my best friends in this town dealt with this issue.  Her child was in a class where the guidance teacher gave children plastic poker chips and told them that as long as they kept the poker chip with them, nothing bad would happen to them.  My friend was outraged that her child was frantically looking for a poker chip for protection. 

I know the name of this teacher but I'm not naming names, it hasn't happened since my friend complained.  She was told that she was the only one complaining as well.  She's probably one of the few moms that knew about it.

 I object to the intimidation used by schools when we complain about obvious infringements. It seems the common response is always, "you are the only one complaining." I know that isn't true, there are HUNDREDS of children being homeschooled in this district. If their parents didn't complain,

  it was probably because they felt they would be ignored or laughed at, as Valerie Moore was.  We sincerely are treated with an arrogant attitude of "you just don't know any better" or "why don't you homeschool?"  Though the school sometimes stops the activity we object to, five more crop up in its place.  I've asked the superintendent to address all teachers and schools in the district about these kinds of offenses, they refuse and reiterate homeschooling.  Great idea, but many of us have to work and can't afford it.

We may be the minority but minorities have rights.  Our taxes pay for these schools as well and they do NOT have the right to forcefeed atheist and pagan practices on our children. 


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bulletPraying to Allah
bulletDance to African gods
bullet Tell children to assume they are Muslim soldiers?  
bulletTextbooks that scorn Christianity and indoctrinate Islam and atheism 
bulletChristian books in our library?  
bulletTell children to believe poker chips will protect them? 
bulletDemonstrate our own psychic powers to students?  
bullet Homosexuality? 
bulletSchool song? 
bulletChildren reciting Indian god legends as fact on videotape
bulletPledge of allegiance in middle school?
bulletRequired reading
bulletEmphasis on paganism

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