"Pledge of allegiance in middle school?  Instead, play the American anthem, without words, over the loudspeakers, that will suffice." 

This is what my son tells me happens at the Middle School.  In the morning, over the loudspeakers, everyone is supposed to stop and be quiet as the American anthem is played, music only.  

  Both my sons state many teachers skip the pledge at the elementary school. Anyone ever consider, "Separation of Atheist and State?"    (from WND)
Antichrist Curriculum Menu:
bulletPraying to Allah
bulletDance to African gods
bullet Tell children to assume they are Muslim soldiers?  
bulletTextbooks that scorn Christianity and indoctrinate Islam and atheism 
bulletChristian books in our library?  
bulletTell children to believe poker chips will protect them? 
bulletDemonstrate our own psychic powers to students?  
bullet Homosexuality? 
bulletSchool song? 
bulletChildren reciting Indian god legends as fact on videotape
bulletPledge of allegiance in middle school?
bulletRequired reading
bulletEmphasis on paganism

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