Don't miss "Corruption in our children's textbooks."

"Required reading?  Harry Potter tops the list, along with books that promote things like abortion and euthanasia." 

My son envies children that read Harry Potter because that book is worth over 30 points.

When I read the first book of Harry Potter, I approved it for my son.  It seemed about as harmful as "Bewitched" when I was a kid.  But then I read the later editions that used religious words and used them to invoke evil, we had a book burning.  Yes, a BOOK BURNING.  Just like Paul did in Acts with all the sorcery books that the people gave freely to burn.  The Bible said those books were worth the equivalent of a fortune.

School year 2000-2001, my younger sons class required he read a book about the local Indians, but the content was about how the various gods talked to him and helped him as though they were fact. 

  If this is REQUIRED READING, why can't the library give children an OPTION to read about a Christian kid and how he deals with camp bullies?  God doesn't talk to the boy in this book, but if He did, it should not be excluded.  Can the school board spell "double standard?"

The Giver, another fabulous book.  A science fiction where society has no parents, everyone comes from a test tube with assigned parents.  (Get ready for cloning)  Merciful injections are described as given to retarded or deformed infants, injected into their brains, all very eloquently, as a good thing to do  Euthanasia is also encouraged.

This won a Newbury Award so how dare I complain?  I do.  Garbage is still garbage no matter how well you dress it up. Content MATTERS, no matter how well it's written.

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bulletTextbooks that scorn Christianity and indoctrinate Islam and atheism 
bulletChristian books in our library?  
bulletTell children to believe poker chips will protect them? 
bulletDemonstrate our own psychic powers to students?  
bullet Homosexuality? 
bulletSchool song? 
bulletChildren reciting Indian god legends as fact on videotape
bulletPledge of allegiance in middle school?
bulletRequired reading
bulletEmphasis on paganism

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