Free Christian  Amateur  Art

by Jen Shroder, BlessedCause founder

Images were temporarily removed as I studied and sought counsel about Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 4, and finally came to the conclusion that God is warning us not to worship said images. Many are being replaced.

bullet Peter, Follow Me
bulletSimon Peter Walks on Water
bulletNation shall rise against nation
bullet Romans 8:18 of glory and suffering


bullet Mammoth Bear Hunting with an angel


bullet Shofar - Blow the Trumpets!
bulletPersonal Journal Illustrations Page 1
bulletJournal Illustrations Page 2
bulletJournal Illustrations Page 3
bullet Three women at the tomb Jesus resurrection
bulletupdated Broken Chains
bulletHarvest Choice
bullet Future with sons/Weeping
bulletHow Planned Parenthood impacted my youth
bullet Jeff of the mountains
bullet King of my Heart
bulletJohn 14:23
bulletAngel singing
bulletChildren's book



bullet 3d Political Protest "art" form
 John Walker Lindh
bullet Christian Woman/Wolf Sculpture
bullet Three Christian Women sculptures
bullet All Scripture is God breathed 2 Tim 3:16
bulletFamily camping sculpture
bullet Crusade project
suggestion for 7th grade by Jen's son
bullet Crusader School Project









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bullet FREE Reproduction Policy

see Reproduction Policy before using
many photographs used originally from google

bullet Return to Me, saith the LORD
bullet Marines: I miss him, too
bulletRed Fridays honor our troops
bulletVietnam Veteran's Day March 29
bullet Psalm 18 LORD is my shield Marines
bullet Women, guns, right to bear arms



My Little Terrorist / photo cartoon


Schiavo's Judicial Supreme Court Terrorists


John 3:19 Obama, Pelosi, etc
LORD show me how to love them



bulletSon's illustration of:

"God placed a mighty angel at the east of the garden of Eden, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to guard the way to the tree of life.  Genesis 3:24 

More views etc



Free Reproduction Policy




For Grace (painted before my commitment to Christ)

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