"Children told to assume they are Muslim soldiers?
  Keep doing that, not enough parents have complained."

Right after making an official complaint, the Assistant Superintendent called me.  He was very nice at first, admitted he originally thought I was over-reacting until he read what I found in the Christian section and could understand why I would object.  He very nicely asked me what we could do in the meantime as we waited to hear from the lawyers.

I was thrilled.  I asked if they could advise the teachers not to ask children to imagine they were Muslim soldiers, etc.  He said no, he didn't think enough parents objected to that. 

I asked that well, if he agreed Christianity was being given a bad deal, could we make a presentation to the schools with a right representation of Christ.  I assured him that we would preface everything with "Christians believe." 

The Superintendent said not so nicely, "No, I can see exactly what you're trying to do."

I said, "And you can't see what the TEXTBOOK is trying to do?"  He didn't respond.

So I asked him, "If you don't think it's leading to ask children to assume they are Muslim



 soldiers, by the same token, will you be asking them in the homosexual trainings to imagine themselves in practices of homosexuality?"

He didn't want to talk to me very much after that.

When he wrote the official response to my complaint, he wrote it as though we discussed a possible option of giving a Christian account.  Of course he had a lot of strings attached, it would have to pass so many boards, it would have to... I can't remember what, it was ridiculous.  I wasn't about to ask a lot of Christians to go through a production only to be shot down.  I had already been down that road offering to do an Easter presentation to exchange equal time to then previously defended "dancing to African gods" troop.  I remember well jumping through the hoops of the principal, until he tried to discourage me stating that so-and-so position would have to approve it as well.  When I eagerly and insistently asked who that was and how do I contact him, he hesitatingly admitted that he was of that position. 

We all knew there was no way it would be approved. 

(I honestly like this principal and regret the position this places him in, however I don't feel so bad that I'm willing to drop it!)

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