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President Bush, Iraq, Patriot Heroes & Troops: Our forefathers would applaud!

United Nations, Davis Recall Plot,  BlessedCause impacts in Politics & Whose groping Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Spirit of the antichrist alive and well in California schools

Stand up against Sex Ed Porn in public school

Archived News Coverage of Islam in Public Schools

Woe to ACLU and NEA Teachers Union

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God blesses those who bless Israel

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The Sign of Jonah explained,  God's message is heard

Islam Induction in our Public School Textbooks
actual words of Houghton Mifflin exposed and why

Quotes of Quran, Hadiths, Koran about infidels

Revelation 12

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Christian Encouragement

Hearing God & Personally Witnessed  Miracles

Free Original Christian Art, Music & Sculpture

How Clinton, ACLU rigged Religious Guidelines & U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton

Thank you to all vets, our troops and military! God BLESS and lead you!

John Walker Lindh & California school proselytizing

Islam proselytized in Public School

Homeschool or Public School

Militant Terrorist Islam

God blesses those who bless Israel

For Women Only

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  While the joy of the Lord is like nothing I've ever experienced before, there are times we all need encouragement.  This world is hard, especially on Christians.  Elijah, Jonah and Job were at times suicidal. Paul, Jeremiah, Jesus Himself, all had to deal with the sorrow of watching people destroy themselves, reject Him, reject the message...  we all need encouragement. So this section will be growing as God leads.

God's Unconditional Love
Scripture verses to water your soul

How to receive Christ
This is the age of acceptance, God's arms are open wide for all

The Sanctuary - with youtube Christian music links

Jesus is Joy!!!

When your son joins the

Trusting God with our loved ones
When a loved one dies and you're not sure they were saved

Adam's Job in the Garden of Eden
Animal picture humor for animal lovers (large file)

Two Angels Traveling 
Things aren't always what they seem, a parable

The Center of the Bible
Interesting facts especially for unbelievers

Why God would not want you
Flawed Bible characters loved by God

God Responds to Atheist Hatred

Three Questions

God, Giver of All Good Gifts, even fairy tales

The Disappointing Daughter
Comfort for the world's disappointments

Coping with the Slow Death of Romance

All Dogs and Heaven - humor

Songs by Pastor Antonye
Requires some fancy dance player, lol
Welcome Here
Ancient of Days
oh there are just too many to name
see also How God healed me through praise

Senate Truth Prayer
There really are some honest believers in government

JenT Responds to Dumb Blonde Jokes


One of my favorite songs

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