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"Christian books in our library?  They are REJECTED, they are not pluralistic."

Almost a full year ago I submitted some mildly Christian books to this same school board for review for admission in the elementary school library.  Bill Myer's "My Life as a Smashed Burrito" series, published by Tommy Nelson.  The school board gave them back with the reason that Accelerated Reader did not provide test materials for this series of books.  Suddenly, Accelerated Reader DID incorporate this book series, supporting the validity of these books being appropriate in school.  When I asked if the books could NOW be approved, the school board asked to review these books again.  After the end of the school year, they were all returned to me with a five page description of the requirements for library material.  All I could find was numerous ways of promoting pluralism and diversity.  Certainly that could not be the criteria for rejecting these books, because pluralism and diversity does NOT exclude Christianity, it means a wide range of different beliefs! In fact it was noted that no book should be excluded because of religion.  These books are well written with literary value, are imaginative and kids love them. 




   This school board would rather children read books about Indian children talking with their canyon gods, prairie gods, etc; numerous Greek god books, Harry Potter of course which includes a sacrifice by dagger of a humanlike child, in order to resurrect an evil entity. 

Also included and required is "The Giver" a book which promotes the killing of retarded children by describing a merciful injection to the brain. In this science fiction, everyone is a test tube baby given to adoptive parents (get ready for cloning).  Euthanasia is also promoted. 

These books are in our children's library but a book about a kid struggling with a bully at a Christian camp, that barely even touches on prayer or Jesus, is not allowed per the same school board that insists on promoting homosexuality, pays for "cultural" troops that invite young children to dance to other gods, covers up children praying to Allah, and sees no bias in the Houghton Mifflin textbooks, which distinctly scorn Christianity and Judaism while promoting atheism and Islam. 

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