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   "Evolution?  Assure parents it will be taught as a theory,
 then give tests as though evolution is fact."

School year 2001-2002, my son was in the 6th grade at that time.  At "Back to School" night, another mom brought up the concern of teaching evolution to our children as fact.  The teacher spent a lot of time assuring us that he understood our concerns and it would be taught as a THEORY not a fact.

I was so disappointed when I saw the textbook my son was learning from, everything stated evolution as absolute fact, and he had to answer text questions as if it was absolute fact.


  Not only that but the same woman who originally brought up the concern often helped out in class.  She  told me that our children did not have time to cover the Christian section in the 6th grade textbook because they spent so much time on evolution.

 At the time I was saddened to hear that, but after reading what was in the 6th grade section on Christianity, I'm very happy they never read it.  The Houghton Mifflin description of Jesus was more infuriating than pushing children to Islam in the next school year. 

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bulletDemonstrate our own psychic powers to students?  
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