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This website is evidence that God MOVES when God wants. There was no chance of success when we began, we were laughed at by the academic elite defending their textbook. After dozens of interviews and webtraffic from all over the world, Houghton Mifflin sold for $920 million dollars less than it was purchased for the year before. (link) Other publishers took note and listened carefully to what a Texas School Board demanded of future textbooks, quoting exact quotes from this website. Halleluiah! God is good! Read more at Introduction to BlessedCause.

Update June 12, 2011: BlessedCause was a group of Christians with different backgrounds from different churches...but since Iíve felt led to post certain events, I have to make clear that NO ONE is responsible or accountable for recent posts written by me except me. No one else saw what I saw or can honestly say they believe what is written here because no one else went through it.

Fortunately, no one has to believe me. There is only one truth that matters, there is only one way to God and thatís through Jesus Christ. I have written what I felt compelled to write and I wonít take it back. I just hope itís an encouragement to any believer who doesnít understand that God is as much with us today as He was during Biblical times.

The Bible says that the only sign for a wicked and adulterous generation is the sign of Jonah. Somehow it always comes back to that sign, of Christ going down to the depths and coming up again, victorious over sin and breaking the prisoners free. If you donít know Christ, that is the only sign you need. That Christ suffered, died and rose again that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

Don't be distracted by what points at the cross, the message is the cross! What Jesus suffered, died and rose again for! It's YOU, it's all about you and your relationship with Him! That's why the halo is cut out of the banner, it's not about the halo, amazing though it was. Nothing compares to what it's pointing at, the resurrection, the rebirth, the eternal destination of your life depends on how you respond to the invitation of Christ.

There are many different Christian variations of spiritual gifts among us, but if the foundation is Christ and Him crucified for your sins, to rise again in Him, then rest in that. To all those who claim their denomination is the only way, I ask you to look at the widow who gave her last two mites to the temple. Jesus held her up as an example, knowing full well that she gave her last two mites to the temple whose leaders would soon have Him scourged and crucified. I plead you to stop pointing fingers, or do you think God is not capable to bring home His own?

Look to the lost and call them in. Urge them to Seek Him while they still can, to seek Him and live.

- Jen Shroder


Previously written: BlessedCause is a group of Christians with different backgrounds from different churches, ever seeking the Lord in various ways.

BlessedCause began as a footwashing ministry to share the Gospel with tracts of scrollsÖetc

When practices of paganism, witchcraft, worship of Allah and pro-homosexuality were discovered to be mandated in public schools, BlessedCause became a vehicle to oppose said practices and God blessed that cause in so many truly miraculous ways. It stands both as a resource for parents to be alerted and a testimony of the warning that was given while President Bush was in office.

The Bible explains how Jesus is especially fond and concerned about children.  BlessedCause is dedicated to raise public awareness of the attacks on faith and our children while corruption grows in public school.  As our schools instruct children to pray to other gods and various worship activities to learn "culture," God is watching. As school instructs our children homosexual acts and present them as valid choices, God's wrath is near.  If we turn our backs on God, He will turn His back on us.  It's already begun.

Christians are looking for a leader they can trust in these troubled times. The ONLY ONE WORTHY OF OUR TRUST is the Godhead through the Holy Spirit. He gives each of us different giftings to apply and be used through Himself. Wherever you see the Lord working, join in. Share what you know of Jesus Christ boldly with those that do not know Him. Gird up, Christians, and keep a careful watch over your children! Public schools are determined to teach our children all sorts of ungodly practices and views, twisting and perverting the very fabric of our nation. Equip your children with the sword of truth, the breastplate of righteousness and the helmet of salvation.

At times I have been accused of bigotry, but I have no problem with homosexuals or Muslims personally, I have close friends and dated both. But I have STRONG objections to the recruitment efforts of special groups attempting to indoctrinate children in public school or attack their faith, and the educators who participate in it.

Christians did not start this battle over our children. Christians generally have not condemned the lifestyles of others and strive to love everyone, even our enemies. But when activists began recruiting our children into harmful and deadly lifestyles, Christians have had no choice but to point out the flaws in those lifestyles as we work to protect our children. Jesus would NOT have served teachers as they pass out condoms or instructed children to bow down and recite prayers to Allah. FAR from it!

Beloved, stay close to God, remain in the folds of His robe. Troubled times are ahead. Stay close to the Shepherd and He will never leave you. God be with you, surround you and hold you in His grip. Share the Gospel with your family and friends. Do what you can and be counted as His. May God continue to strengthen us. Keep the faith. In Jesus Holy Name, amen.

- Jen Shroder


Shroder has both Protestant and Catholic roots and believes Christ's church has many born again Christians on both sides, as long as the foundation is CHRIST. God knows the heart.

Shroder's columns are syndicated through RenewAmerica.us, BushCountry.org, TheRant.us, Mullenax News, SierraTimes.com,  and is regularly featured at Michnews.com, Tysknews.com, GOPUSA.com,  AmericanDaily.com, the Junto Society and many more. She has appeared on Fox News with William LaJeunesse, her articles have been discussed in the news by Tony Snow on Fox and various writers at WorldNetDaily, AssistNews, Associated Press, USAToday, Village Voice, Salon.com, etc. She has been interviewed on dozens of radio talk shows including Michael Medved and news sites such as History News Network. Various news articles have been written about her campaign against Islam indoctrination in school textbooks. 

We do not accept donations, we make no monetary profit from BlessedCause...this is a labor of love for kids who are under such aggressive spiritual assault in public school. But we urge any contributions be given to Christian legal organizations that have been fighting to protect Christian rights such as

bullet Pacific Justice Institute
bullet Thomas More Law Center
bullet ACLJ
bullet Alliance Defense Fund
bulletAlan Keyes/RenewAmerica
(one politician with a true heart for the Lord)

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