"Lets give children half an hour before our school board meetings to present us with what they are learning.  The first one (loud applause) happens to be about various pagan gods,
and the children obviously enjoy telling all about their favorites."

There is such an overt push to get children to study other gods.  I have a tape of my second school board meeting, which just happened to begin with a wonderful spotlight for children to display what they learn.  Their eagerness is really touching, they were all so proud of the work they had put into it, and they really did do a great job, using video techniques that I wouldn't have a clue about.  

But the teachers are always assigning so much paganism.  Anything and everything apart from Jesus Christ.  And on the rare occasion the Gospel is allowed as in the social studies textbook, it's twisted and villified.  What's the definition of Antichrist?  To be without the Gospel (the school has no clue what that is), and to teach the opposite.  This is the spirit of the Antichrist, and many school boards in this country are dipped and dripping in it.  It's time we realized what it is that dissettles our hearts so.  I know Christians know what I'm talking about.  Most moms don't have the time to study what I've studied.  But they sense.  And if they can, they homeschool. 


  What is so incredibly hypocritical is that Christians are called intolerant.  It's because of our mistaken tolerance that the schools are in the condition they're in today, and led by people SO BLIND that they would choose to glorify a religion that KILLS homosexuals, KILLS people who reject their faith, whose holy book instructs men to BEAT their wives and treat them like sex objects.  For this, they reject the love of Jesus Christ, who does require our obedience but has everlasting mercy on us, and sees us as holy because of what JESUS did.  It's absolutely amazing and hard to believe, even though these people are FULFILLING exactly what Jesus said they would do.  It's incredible.  And I wouldn't get so up in arms with those who insist on darkness, except that they are trying to take our children down with them.  Saints, object.  Don't look at the storm, look at Jesus, object to what is happening to the children.  Try to do it a lot more lovingly than I've been successful at, but praise God for His mercy, and I'm working on it.  Please saints, object and pray, protect our children.  The darkness is after them.  Pray.

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