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Ask children to pray to Allah?  If someone complains,
 tell them we’ll look into it, then cover it up.

In Mrs. C's social studies class, soon after September 11, according to many students, children were asked to get on their hands and knees and pray to Allah with the words of Islam prayer.  When asked the first time, boys name names with total surety, remembering well the site of their classmates performing what Mrs. C asked.  It had an IMPACT, even those only watching.  There was no hesitancy, no indecisiveness, all children when asked named these boys with confident instant memory. 

Three boys have been identified as complying  with Mrs. C's request, according to many witnesses.  A Christian boy, Joey, was also put in the uncomfortable position of being asked, but thankfully refused.  One of these boys volunteered that he went home and prayed when no one was looking.   



I gave the names of the witnesses to the school board months ago, but when I asked one of the witnesses if they were ever questioned, he said no. 

This is a COVER UP of the school board, which I didn't really pursue as I hoped they would be more careful in the future.  They are not...

What is truly amazing is, kids don't tell us what's happening in school.  It's only because the 6:00 news was at my house that a neighborhood boy came by and told us what happened at his class.  His story checked out with other boys.  His mom had no idea, nobody did.  Because the textbook leads the class to so many imagination exercises, I believe the teachers are encouraged to go even further.  It needs to stop.  Now.

Names omitted because I feel that would be just too harsh.

Antichrist Curriculum Menu:
bulletPraying to Allah
bulletDance to African gods
bullet Tell children to assume they are Muslim soldiers?  
bulletTextbooks that scorn Christianity and indoctrinate Islam and atheism 
bulletChristian books in our library?  
bulletTell children to believe poker chips will protect them? 
bulletDemonstrate our own psychic powers to students?  
bullet Homosexuality? 
bulletSchool song? 
bulletChildren reciting Indian god legends as fact on videotape
bulletPledge of allegiance in middle school?
bulletRequired reading
bulletEmphasis on paganism

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