"Textbooks that scorn Christianity and indoctrinate Islam and atheism?
  Shrug your shoulders and simply disagree."

After filing a complaint with the school board over OBVIOUS bias in the textbook, they responded with a letter vaguely saying we could work it out.  So I went in and talked with my sons social studies teacher for over an hour.  He shrugged and stated very matter of factly he found no problem with the textbook and could see no bias.  At times he hinted that he did but bottom official line was there is no bias in the textbook.  I was astounded.  How could anybody be so blind, but then God said they would be and I believe by their own choice are.  That's a BAD choice.


   There were no options as claimed in the letter. I spoke with the principal, expressed my objections to the TEXTBOOK whether it's in class or at home, it still states highly critical statements about Christians and I objected to it. The principal told me I should look for an online alternative class, that there were some that were accredited. I was THRILLED! My son would come home early and do the class on line. I searched and searched and finally called the State which would accredit such an online class. There are none. The whole thing was a wild goose chase. I called the principal and he said I should then homeschool because they had no other alternative books or suggestions. 
Antichrist Curriculum Menu:
bulletPraying to Allah
bulletDance to African gods
bullet Tell children to assume they are Muslim soldiers?  
bulletTextbooks that scorn Christianity and indoctrinate Islam and atheism 
bulletChristian books in our library?  
bulletTell children to believe poker chips will protect them? 
bulletDemonstrate our own psychic powers to students?  
bullet Homosexuality? 
bulletSchool song? 
bulletChildren reciting Indian god legends as fact on videotape
bulletPledge of allegiance in middle school?
bulletRequired reading
bulletEmphasis on paganism

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