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"School song?  Have them sing,
“When all is said and done, all that will remain is a song.”"

This is small, I know, I usually don't even mention it, but when you put all these kinds of things together it adds up, and we don't usually get to see what our children are taught all day.  So when what little I did see has a New Age flavor, it's concerning. 

When my son was in the second grade, he sang in a school recital.  Very well done, obviously a lot of work went into it.  The kids sang with that staggered beginning, beautifully done.  Too bad the words were so...   dead.  It was all about how when everything is gone, when all is said and done, all that will remain is this song.  There would be nothing else, no life after death, nothing but a song."


  What a horrible thing to have children sing.  There is SO MUCH that will be happening when Jesus comes.  People don't have to agree with Christians of course, but to put so much school time and effort to sing about beliefs... what if I asked all those children to sing about when Jesus comes back and the train of His robe fills the temple.  That's a beautiful song too.  Why teach my children to sing something so dead and untrue?  Those are not my beliefs but atheist beliefs.

Satan, by the way would love this song.  "Let's jump into every carnal thing we can find because there is nothing after life anyway, just a song."  No, not for me and my house, we look forward to so much more.  And we have a right to those beliefs.

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