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Asking American children to embrace Islam is the same as asking Jewish children to embrace the Third Reich even as concentration camps were being built to annihilate them. Asking our children to “Assume you are a Muslim soldier” while Muslims are slaughtering Christian brothers and sisters in genocidal proportions all over the world in the name of Allah, is an abomination. God willing, the Koran will be on trial, and the verses within it will be illuminated as proved to incite violence against us. The following columns describe the lawsuit, the "method of Muhammad" putting Islam's holy books, the Quran, Hadith and Sira IN CONTEXT to define the obviously violent religion of Islam.

6/18/04 BlessedCause Classic:
Public School Textbooks: Assume you beheaded Paul Johnson   The Koran on Trial Meanwhile: Saudis preach death to Christians, Jews 

Persecution of our children in public schools:  Professor Mary Habeck explains the Method of Muhammad

Children continue to be recruited to Islam in public school, AMERICA WE ARE WARNED
FRONTPAGE MAG - Virginia targeted as California continues to wait for the stalling 9th Circuit Court of Appeals

The Two Faces of  Islamist Educators 
How one backed down with Muslim claims about Algonquin Indians, then reported on Al-Jazeera that there are no apologies for the attempt

9/30/04 California School’s Blatant Recruitment to Islam, New evidence found More of The Story of  Islam Videotape 

9/27/04 Stop recruiting our children to Islam Open Letter to California Curriculum Committee, DOE and Governor Schwarzenegger

9/20/04 What Terrorists Want You to Know More evidence violence is sanctioned by Islam

9/19/04 Within hours of finding out the textbook has been changed, Islam recruitment video discovered  Will BlessedCause sue?
Waiting to hear judgment from Ninth District Court

9/6/04 Koran on Trial: Public Education Promoting Islam Irony of offering textbooks to Saudi Arabia

9/04 Koran on Trial Yale Professor explains the "method of Muhammad," Islam Jihad

8/28 Original Administrative Complaint

Materials used to recruit children to Islam QUICK PROOF INDEX


Dark Side of Pluralism: Hatred of Freedom
Harvard, Yale, Stanford Professors, Priests of Pluralism: "Prove religious beliefs or relinquish them"

Philosophy and Pluralism: Supreme Court Grounds for a Lawsuit Complaint filed

What parents of 7th graders can do today, Crusades project

The Plight of Moderate Muslims
A people without a religion
Commentary & Iranian prince

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