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This open letter published at BushCountry, RenewAmerica, MichNews, TheRant and various other news sites. 

September 27, 2004

Dear Members of the Curriculum Committee and DOE staff,

I am asking as a concerned parent that more attention would be given to our religious freedom. Mandating our children to participate in other religious beliefs is grieving many parents and is causing many to homeschool. So many officials that I have contacted have responded with "That's why my child goes to private school."

Please be more cautious about what is being taught to our children. I am appalled at the religious beliefs presented as fact. I am on the verge of suing my school district over videotapes that they claim have been approved by you, case in point, The Story of Islam

I would like to know why you are mandating our children to accept religious beliefs as fact. These videotapes are clearly attempting to recruit children to Islam and many parents are deeply angered by the seeds being planted in our children's heads, behind our backs, in public schools.

Please reconsider your approved list, I was so happy to hear that Houghton Mifflin has revised their textbooks, I don't want to get into another huge battle over the supplemental paraphernalia that has been accompanying it. If I don't hear from you in the next week, I will be contacting my lawyer. This videotape is unbelievable, worse than the textbook and after I transcribe it, many more parents will be outraged as well.

I sincerely hope it won't come to that. I hope we can avoid legal actions, but as a concerned parent whose religious freedom is continually battered, I don't feel I have a choice.

Thank you very much,

Sincerely, Jen Shroder

Curriculum Commission and Department of Education Staff:

norma.baker@lausd.net, brakemeyer@msn.com, ecrawford@sanjuan.edu, jackie.goldberg@asm.ca.gov, Kerry.hamill@secmail.ousd.k12.ca.us, Deborah.keys@secmail.ousd.k12.ca.us, Smann@mail.sandi.net, Jmaravi336@aol.com, Matsuda_M@auhsd.k12.ca.us, mamcrae@monterey.k12.ca.us, Stan.Metzenberg@csun.edu, charles@slac.stanford.edu, aornelas@ucla.edu, jose.velasquez@lausd.net, tadams@cde.ca.gov , srios@cde.ca.gov , dkairott@cde.ca.gov, tyee@cde.ca.gov , lgarcia@cde.ca.gov , jharriso@cde.ca.gov , todums@cde.ca.gov

Copy to Governor Schwarzenegger

See also Excerpt of "The Story of Islam"