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Parents, this is a warning. After viewing "The Story of Islam", I filed an administrative complaint and voiced my objections and Iím hoping they wonít show it to my son. If they donít, there will be no lawsuit, which means you need to fight for your own.

Most parents donít know about videos like this one, but Iím told itís been approved by Californiaís Department of Education. I have no clue why California is trying to recruit our children to Islam. Judges have ruled teachers can mandate our children "become Muslim," fast for Ramadan, recite prayers of worship to Allah, etc. They have gotten away with it by claiming our kids donít actually believe it.

They got away with the textbooks by claiming the words "Muslims believe" three pages back covered all the pages in the unit.

But now there is this video, and there are so many religious beliefs presented as fact. The last sentence proclaims Allah and his prophet as fact and it is sternly said. I am still astounded that public educators are claiming this video is just fine.

No, I do not think my son would get on his hands and knees, pray to Allah and convert to Islam after watching this video. But this video is planting seeds, exactly what it was intended to do, so that when your son or daughter is invited to a mosque, their hearts will be wide open to it. And all of America will be dramatically affected as more and more people convert to Islam, thanks to our public schools.

The video begins with six pages of facts, giving our children the impression that its an educational video to learn from. It describes how Islam "gained" new territory. These are some excerpts. To prove Iím not taking it out of context, check the long version.

Narration in the video:

...where the soul source of the law is the Quran, where and how God, whose prophet is Muhammad, as he revealed himself to man. Where did this civilization begin? (prayer calling in background)

Proud of their strength and their traditions, here can be learned something of the golden age of the southern Arabia, before the coming of the prophet, between 7th century BC and 2nd century AD

["before the coming of the prophet" is used twice as a time mark. Much is written about virtues, generosity, etc.]

After six pages of facts:

(fresh start voice, seems spliced)

Young Muhammad was looking after the animals on the hillside where two angels appeared in a golden cloud and took hold of him. With secret gestures, they reached to his chest and washed his heart from a golden goblet. This action placed in him the breath of God.

[rich art paintings are qualifiers]

Later on, Muslim tradition would say that these Arab hermits foreshadowed what was to come. They were early followers of monotheism which would become the true religion.

[true religion? I canít remember Christianity or any other religion referred to as true in public school...]

...Thus Muhammad gained an important position, but wealth and business could not satisfy his concern about religions. He seeks a deeper meaning for his society and God, the concept of Allah, the one and only. Muhammad felt the need to find solitude. Often, he climbed to a small cave amongst the rocks of Mount Hira, just north of Mecca, fasting and meditating in order to get close to his God. In the light of what he had learned, the old pagan idols of Arabia looked shameful.

video pause

One night, in the middle of the month of Ramadan, the moment of revelation came. The arch angel Gabriel appeared to Muhammad, a blinding vision of thunder and light that frightened him to his knees, and said to him, "RECITE."

[Just like the textbooks only this time with compelling music and rich art]

Muhammad heard the angels commanding him three times, "RECITE in the name of Allah, who created man from a clot, who teacheth man that which he knew not." Muhammad quietly replied, "but I do not know how to recite." Muhammad, deeply troubled in fear and trembling at his destiny, brought himself out of the mountain. He questioned himself, "Would I be the same as one of those clairvoyants who finds lost animals?" He returned home bewildered to his wife who calmed him and was first to believe Muhammad was to lead his people to the right path.

[still no qualifiers...]

For three years after this day, Muhammad returned to Mount Hira and the revelation continued. It was clear to him that the voice was the messenger of Allah, the supreme being, the God of Jews and Christians, the creator of everything, the creator of stars in the sky, mountains and seas, moon and heaven and MAN, who must appear before Allah on the final day of judgment.

[the God of the Jews and Christians is NOT Allah, as evidenced by mass graves]

...Lonely and sad, Muhammad prays to his god in Kaíaba. Suddenly, the arch angel Gabriel appeared again, took him up, gently placed him on the wing of a fabulous creature, among other angels flew him to Jerusalem and then lifted him up into the 7th heaven, where Muhammad spoke to the past prophets, Abraham, Noah, Moses and Jesus. The angels brought him back to Kaíaba where Muhammad proved the truth of messages of other prophets.

[Did I miss the part about "Muslims believe" again? How did Muhammad prove the truth of anything?]

Around the extraordinary personality of Muhammad, the small Muslim community began to flourish and became a political force. Muhammad marries and has children. The revelation continued and was written down. These revelations form the Quran, the Muslim holy book. (call to prayer in background) Now the Quran sets the guidelines on the practical matters such as taxes, trades, marriage, divorce and military matters, and details how a Muslim should conduct his prayers.

[The revelation continued? Nothing about "Muslims believe?" Again, if anything Christian was presented like this...]

pause, call to prayer

Allah commands Muhammad to make a war against non-believers.

[Allah commands?]

The first target was the annual caravan moving south from Damascus, a thousand camels full of goods. The Meccan merchants were forewarned of the Muslim plans and they rushed in reinforcements to defend the caravan.

At the walls of (ba-ter-ed) near the Red Sea coast, they surprised Muhammadís army of three hundred. Muhammad shouted, "All who die today will enter paradise." Outnumbered three to one, the Muslims fought bravely and fiercely and triumphed.

[Is paradise 76 virgins with the strength of 10 men? Or were there more...]

A year later at Mount Uhud near Medina, the Meccans retaliated. History records 27 raids. Slowly by treaty and skirmish, Muhammad converted the Bedouin tribes of the surrounding desert, mastering their swords to the cause of Islam.

[Doesnít that sound nice? We are talking blood and guts here, raids planned and led by Muhammad, slaughters, slavery]

After almost two decades, Muhammad the prophet re-entered his native city Mecca, now leading an army of 10,000.

[Where would he lead them? I thought he only defended himself against retaliating Meccans]

Mecca was surrendered without a fight. The prophet walked to the Kaíaba, touched the black stone and made the proscribed 7 circuits. He ordered to smash the idols. He declared a general amnesty and Meccans swore allegiance to the prophet of God.

[have our children accepted Muhammad as a "prophet of God"? When did public schools proclaim that as his title?]

...Back in Medina he fell ill, weeping in each passing day and finally on June 8th, 632, in the arms of his favorite wife Aisha, Muhammad whispered his last devotions, then peacefully surrendered to Allahís will.

[How did he surrender to Allahís will when our school officials claim to be secular?]

The one and only God is the God of Biblical tradition. Muslims believe in God in what has been revealed in Abraham, in Ishmael, in Isaac, in Jacob, in what was given to Moses, in Jesus, in what was given to the prophets on the part of the Lord.

[This is most aggravating. "Peaceful" Islam claims Allah is our god, yet Muhammad killed Christians and Jews because we would not bow to Allah or accept Muhammad as "the prophet."]

Continued on Page 2

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