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John Walker Lindh & California school proselytizing

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Public School Textbooks: Assume you beheaded Paul Johnson

The Koran on Trial
by Jen Shroder

As Paul Johnson was prepared for beheading, American children are being prepared to “Assume you are a Muslim soldier,” an assignment in 7th grade textbooks. What does a Muslim soldier do? Apply the tenants of his faith and behead unbelievers for Islam:

“I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them. This is because they acted adversely to Allah and his messenger”  (Koran 8:12)  

If textbooks were truthful, children would also learn the proper way to kneel for beheading. They would learn that the real Islam, straight from Islam's holy books, the Koran; Hadith and Sira, instructs Muslims to kill every Christian, Jew and unbeliever.

The earth is soaked red by the blood of Christians and Jews on every Islamic border while our government and public educators lie to our people claiming Islam is peaceful, that only extremists are committing what is outlined in the Koran. A handful of Muslim organizations denounce the acts of violence, but they are apostate to their own religion by doing so.

Reza Safa was born and raised a devout Muslim in the Middle East. In his book, “Inside Islam”, Safa wrote:

“Observing the fruits of Islam and the Muslim communities, one will realize that Islam is another force that holds people in the stronghold of fear. From its beginning to this day, fear of death has been the strategy of Islam in expanding and making converts. Sura 9:5 of the Koran, the holy book of Islam, says:

“When the sacred months are past, kill those who join other gods wherever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them with every kind of ambush; but if they convert and observe prayer and pay the obligatory alms, let them go their way.”

“If they convert”? Is it a coincidence that our public school textbooks present a whitewashed Islam to be embraced by students?  Do we have a deal with the Saudis using our children as bargaining chips? Perhaps they can make a new education video of Tatoo pointing and shouting “De plane! De plane!” in “Fantasy Islam” where planes don't crash into the World Trade Center and unknown religions are romanced, regardless of the murderous rage incited by them. Maybe they can make up a new name for Allah, glorified as Muslims beheaded Daniel Pearl, Nick Berg and Paul Johnson. Whoops, I forgot, the media already translates Allah to “God,” hopefully to be confused with “God” of the Bible which textbooks claim are the same. But Muslims seem to know the difference as Christians and Jews are tortured, raped and slaughtered daily directed by the Koran:

“Fight those who do not believe in Allah…And the Jews say Ezra is the son of God; and the Christians say Christ is the son of God; these are the words of their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved before; Allah’s curse be on them; how they are turned away!” (Koran 9:29-30)

Meanwhile American textbooks state: “Christian rulers had persecuted Jews, but Muslim rulers often protected them” “Many different peoples benefited from Muslim tolerance” and “Muhammad’s success in spreading Islam was due in large part to his strong character. His followers were attracted to his morality, courage, and compassion, perhaps as much as they were attracted to his teaching.”

Muhammad’s “morality" and "compassion"?  Is that the same character that instructs Muslims to torture and kill Christians, Jews and unbelievers and led massacres against them?

Asking American children to embrace Islam would be the same as asking Jewish children to embrace the Third Reich even as concentration camps were being built to annihilate them. Asking our children to “Assume you are a Muslim soldier” while Muslims are slaughtering Christian brothers and sisters all over the world and plot to destroy us is an abomination. Godwilling, the Koran should be on trial, and the verses within it should be illuminated as proved to incite violence against us. Senator Kennedy said his new hate crime bill will not include acts of hate speech without violence. Would it be hard to prove that violence is being committed all over the world by Muslims against Christians because of what is written in the Koran and Hadith?    

Let’s ask the journalist in hiding because she suggested Muhammad would marry a beauty pageant contestant. Let’s ask those who have had to go underground because a death fatwa was pronounced against them for exposing Islam. Oh I forgot, they’re not easy to find. They must be out looking for Muhammad and his “morality, courage and compassion.” They should be careful not to trip over the dead headless bodies of Americans... or students on their hands and knees praying to Allah,  assuming they are Muslim soldiers.

Federal Judge Phyllis Hamilton ruled in favor of students memorizing and reciting prayers to Allah, the same words pronounced over Johnson as he is gruesomely beheaded, with all “glory to Allah.” Muslims are being obedient to their religion. 

"Allah’s apostle said, I have been ordered to fight with the people till they say, ‘None has the right to be worshipped but Allah’" (H 4:52:196)  

The Koran incites hate crimes against us and slaughters happen daily in the name of Allah. To assure Americans as it is happening that "Islam is peaceful" is starkly insulting. The only element more shocking is that some Americans have actually bought it. 

6/18/04 permission to repost at will

Houghton Mifflin has revised their 2005 textbooks, but until schools can afford to buy the new version, children continue to participate in these practices. Complaints are coming in from all over the nation of different Islamic supplements incorporated in the curriculum. BlessedCause warns parents to watch carefully what their schools are doing. If you need help or want to share what you found, contact us only by contacting JenT at http://forums.hannity.com/index.php

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