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There are so many things going on in the political background, but parents of 7th graders are asking, "What can we do today?"

If your child is embarking on the Islam unit, the best thing you can do is talk to your child’s teacher. Share your concerns and ask if students may choose their own project studies for the Islam section. If your teacher agrees, your student could research and provide the omitted facts about Islam and the Crusades.

For instance, the Crusades began with valiant intent. Pope Urban II summoned a group of knights and gave "one of the great speeches of history." He told how Turks [under the name of Allah] "have destroyed the altars that they have polluted with their foul practices. They have circumcised the Christians, spreading the blood on the altars and pouring it on the fonts. And they cut open the bellies of those whom they choose to torment with a loathsome death, tear out their bowels and tie them to a stake, drag them around and flog them, before killing them as they lie on the ground with entrails all hanging out" The Divine Campaigns, Time-Life Books, page 62

Click here for more facts on the Crusades

One could even report on the quotes in the Quran advocating the beheading of infidels, a fact in history repeated in the news today. Mary Habeck, a Yale professor and military historian, provides information about the "method of Muhammad" putting the Quran in context.

Instead of building a mosque as the textbook directed, my son created a battle scene of Jerusalem between Islamists and Crusaders. (see pictures). He found a piece of Styrofoam with many sections and used it to create the city. He painted it gray for walls, glued sand on the "ground," made miniature Crusaders and Muslims out of SuperSculpey (sold by the brick in hobby shops) and baked them with toothpicks protruding from their feet to be spiked into the Styrofoam. Crusaders were scaling walls and busting through gates as captured Crusaders were being beheaded.

Miniature Crusaders and Islamists are easy to make. You just roll a small piece of Super Sculpey  to the size of a short pencil, shape the heads and arms out of it, insert a toothpick at the base. you can also use half of a toothpick for swords. Bake 20 minutes and paint.

The only drawback is the miniature Crusaders might slowly disappear from the project as it is stored in the classroom with other projects. You might want to securely glue them into the final battle scene. So many of our miniatures disappeared that when the project came home, we cut off a small corner of the Styrofoam and condensed what miniatures we had left.

By doing projects such as this, previously omitted facts can be brought to light to the whole class. I have always heard and blindly accepted that atrocities were committed by the Crusaders but after reading the propaganda and bias in our modern textbooks, after reading about the NEA blaming 911 on America, all history is suspect, especially history criticizing Christians and Jews. Yes we have our faults, yes there are many false Christians doing things that are NOT in the Bible, but the efforts of those who hate God, ceaselessly looking to criticize all things Christian, reminds us not to blindly accept the accusations.

Legitimate historians should be up-in-arms about the cheapening of their credentials and credibility as public school textbooks have twisted facts whichever way the authors pleased.

Therefore as we wait for textbook revisions and rulings, take this opportunity to examine and present the truth. Look for ways to have fun with your kids and share your faith. Stay close to your children and most definitely pray for them. In these times they really need you. In these times we really need God's covering.