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A lawyer told me a few days ago that Houghton Mifflin has completely changed their textbook, Across the Centuries. He told me they went over "the list" and it was all changed. I didn't want to rejoice until I saw it for myself, which I haven't yet, but I wrote Houghton Mifflin and they have confirmed that even the 5th grade textbook, A Message of Ancient Days, has excluded (one of my largest objections), the description of Old Testament prophets basically as frauds, unable to prophesy and making up excuses for disasters.   

***Hallelujia! Praise God!***
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***Hope of being an average mom again!***

But my joy was short lived. As I was communicating with Houghton Mifflin and lawyers, my son's teacher gave me a video called, "The Story of Islam."  The teacher seemed confident in it, had no problem with it, so I settled in to watch (what I thought would be) a fair presentation.

And I thought the textbooks were bad.

It seemed to be a collection of different videos spliced together. The beginning was factual and dry, with boring music and slow visuals. Then suddenly, the pace picks up, beautiful rich art is included with compelling music and excitement as the angels "come down to Muhammad,"  and the religious beliefs of Islam are presented as fact in exciting, awe-inspiring ways.

As I talked to the teacher on the phone, I could hear in the background the video reading the verses in the Quran criticizing Christianity, claiming there is no son of Allah, etc.

I'm not sure what I object to more, claiming Christians, Jews and Muslims all have the same beliefs and god (which clearly isn't true as the Quran condemns Christians and Jews to death), or presenting children with statements that Christianity is wrong without qualifiers (like Muslims believe).

I admit, I haven't listened to this tape in its entirety carefully. I am waiting to hear from California's Department of Education to find out if this tape is actually approved and adopted as the teacher claims. Because if it is, I will be describing and transcribing it for public view. There will be NO DOUBT that California is attempting to FORCEFULLY sway our children to Islam. If Christianity was presented like this in public education, teachers would be FIRED on the spot and atheists would be on the warpath.

And if this videotape IS on the approved list, and remains on the approved list, then I insist the condensed version of "Matthew, The Visual Bible" be similarly viewed by students during the Christian study in 5th grade. Teachers can begin it with "This is what Christians believe" just as the principal claims it's assumed teachers present "The Story of Islam."

But I know our school system, I have little hope of anything truly Christian entering public schools.

Therefore, I plan to report on the videotapes of California and put together the ironclad case that California's Department of Education is 1. forcing children to accept religious beliefs of Islam, 2. assault Christianity through pluralism. I have plenty of proof of both.

But before I launch this huge lawsuit and campaign, I am sincerely hoping to hear that the Department of Education will revise their adopted curriculum. I am also waiting to hear the decision of the Ninth Circuit regarding the Eklund case.

I was sincerely hoping to be an average mom again, focused completely on loving her family and friends in the light of the Lord. I do NOT like fighting with people, but I will not sit quietly by while our children are being recruited to Islam or atheism, completely violating our Constitutional rights and religious freedom.

I am having a hard time believing what is happening in California. Parents, watch out for your children. Public education has really gotten dark.

Previous Personal note
Mountains and Thanks

Today I received word that a mountain has been moved, and if it is so, I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God and His shepherds who answered the call. Thanks be to God for all of you. Especially those behind the scenes who didnít do it for acclaim or reward, God knows who you are and what is happening, I believe you will be doubly blessed.

Special thanks to Wes Vernon of Newsmax, Pacific Justice Institute, Thomas More Law Center, William LaJeunesse of Fox News, the ACLJ, Alan Keyes and RenewAmerica.us, Diana Lynn of WND, Paul Sperry of WND, April Shenandoah, Rev. Austin Miles, Patrick OíHannigan, Mark Ellis, Dr. Robert Simonds, MichNews.com, Sierra Times, BushCountry.org, GOPUSA, Frank of TheRant.US, TYSKnews.com, Pastor Dale Garris, John (Jem), Daryl, Harvey Schwertly, Keith Kowalski, Judson Cox and so many more. Also heartfelt thanks and prayers for Daniel Pipes, Ph.D. and William J. Bennetta of The Textbook League. May Godís face shine upon you all, may your days be richly blessed!

Hopefully, if the fruit is as good as Iíve been told, Iíll be able to return to a quiet life and focus completely on the love of God and my family, maybe even use my real name again...eventually.

Thank you so much to everyone who came along side and helped, especially to those who prayed over it all. Have you ever felt so grateful that you just kept repeating "thank you"?

Thank you. I truly pray God richly bless each and every one of you. Thank you. This cause has truly been blessed.

- Jen Shroder