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What Terrorists Want You to Know

The Army of Ansar al-Sunna beheaded three Kurdish hostages. American media is not willing to convey their message, so their NAME tells the story. "Sunna" is the method of Muhammad, to offer a "peaceful Islam" with covert groups of terrorists to force the issue if we fail to convert.

In the grisly videotape showing the beheading believed to be of Eugene Armstrong, a black Tawhid and Jihad banner is displayed in the background. "Tawhid" is Arabic for "belief in one Allah" and "Jihad" means "holy war."

These Islamists are making religious statements but few are reporting it. The terrorists said,

"Now, you have people who love death just like you love life. Killing for the sake of ALLAH is their best wish, getting to your soldiers and allies are their happiest moments, and cutting the heads of the criminal infidels is implementing the orders of our god."

Islamist terrorists keep insisting they are fighting for Islam, but our government and media insist Islam is peaceful, that these terrorists have hijacked a great religion.

The only thing hijacked is the truth.

Dr. Harith al-Dhari, secretary-general of the Association of Muslim Scholars (AMS) recognizes that the Muslim religion endorses these beheadings as he asked the Islamists for mercy despite their religion. An un-named Islamist group recently cornered the AMS Muslim scholars by asking for a fatwa religious edict on whether Islam allows the kidnapping of foreigners. The Muslim scholars said it was ''not easy'' and needs ''profound study.'' Apparently this wasn’t the right answer, for an AMS cleric was gunned down shortly thereafter, and another has been kidnapped. The media is reporting confusion but a child could connect these dots: Islamists will gun down any cleric that denies what is in the Quran and Sunna.

On 9/13, Jamie Gorelick of the 911 Commission said on Hardball:

"This is NOT a war on terrorism. It is a war against Islamist fundamentalist terrorists. These are Jihadists who want to achieve certain goals...They want to get us out of Iraq. They want to do our country harm by using the techniques of terrorists."

Hardball host Chris Matthews asked if we never did anything politically against the Islamists, would they still have this rage against our culture?

Slade Gorton, also of the 911 Commission, answered:

"Just ask bin Laden himself. What did he say? He said three things, "get out of the Middle East, convert to Islam and end all of the corruption of your society."

Matthews said the whole transcript would be posted on his website, but instead, the transcript was yanked and an old 911 transcript replaced it with a stern federal copyright attached.

There are more cover-ups than the one at CBS.

Islamic leaders are losing ground in converting our nation to Islam through our public schools. For the past 12 years our textbooks have contained recruitment techniques to Islam with criticism of Christianity. The editorial director of Across the Centuries denied Muslim contribution to the textbooks, but was caught bragging about it on Soundvision, a Muslim website that strategizes how to spread Islam in public schools. Soundvision states it is "Waqf fi sabellillah." Few Americans know it means "devoting a plot of land [America] for Muslim religious purposes in the name of Allah." American soil has already been claimed by Islam.

But because of public outrage and efforts by Christian lawyers, the textbooks are being revised. Parents and lawyers (and you can bet Islamist leaders) are waiting for a ruling by the Ninth District Court of Appeal concerning the Eklund case, whether children can be REQUIRED to "become Muslims," fast for Ramadan, recite prayers to Allah in public school, all under the pretense of a "simulation" to Islam. Will California continue to forcibly persuade her children to Islam or not? Will we lay down and die to the threat of Islam, under the pretense of "tolerance," or will we fight to defend our religious freedom?

Whichever way the judges rule, it will be a proclamation of war, either from those who would make the world Islam with totalitarian rule, or Christians on the verge of revolt, fighting for religious freedom and the protection of their children.

Meanwhile atheists and liberals complain about the religious sentiment of our nation and president. Perhaps they would prefer the alternative. Perhaps all the liberal feminists are secretly hoping their Muslim prince will come save them from themselves and wrap them in blue burkas and shower them with discipline.

As this fantasy plays on, even Bill O’Reilly won’t name the true identities of our Islamist foes. He writes in his latest column, The Truth About Terror: "So let's call worldwide terror what it is: a fanatical confederation..."

As THAT fallacy plays on, our children’s teachers insist they must teach Islam (as peaceful) so children can understand world events.

Riiiiiiight. I suppose Nick Berg and Eugene Armstrong were beheaded because an Islamist had an internal struggle over social etiquette. Oh that explains everything.

(pssssssp, if you haven't figured it out yet, they want you to bow down to Allah).

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