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California Schoolís Blatant Recruitment to Islam

First there was the textbook, full of emotional descriptions of Muhammadís experience with Allah, presented as fact, along with participation exercises.

Then there is Islam: A Simulation, and nobody believes children are actually told to "become Muslim," take a Muslim name, recite prayers of worship to Allah, fast for Ramadan, etc.

The courts have ruled that these practices are all acceptable, that children donít actually believe they are Muslim, even though they are mandated to walk through it and voice the words by heart. They dismiss the textbook because three pages back, someone somewhere referred to "what Muslims believe," thus all the factual intent about Muhammad and Allah is acceptable.

Enter the videotape, The Story of Islam, apparently adopted by Californiaís Department of Education. Public schools claim it is and the DOE will not respond to multiple inquiries about it, including four news sites posting the question.

The Story of Islam not only presents Muhammadís experiences with angels and Allah as fact, often with prayers to Allah in the background accompanied by compelling music, but it also claims the successful conquests of Islam came from divine intervention. It states Muhammad "proved the truth" of messages. It boasts that Muslims adhere to their rituals "more faithfully" than Christians. Arabians are "transformed" by the word of God. Our children are taught, point blank, Islam is a "divine religion." Listen to a sample of the video, end of voice clip

The video repeatedly congratulates Muhammad and Islamists for their "bold expeditions" while they "expand Islam" by conquest. Forcing people to Islam is described as EXTRAORDINARY SUCCESS, attributable to Allah, "capturing and recapturing the provinces which Islam was about to take FOR GOOD." (The narrator said this very decisively.) But what is truly astounding and indicative of today is this:

"The violence of the conquest has been forgotten...For several centuries, the different faiths have mingled, bringing about the peaceful relationships which are the only ones that can insure the peace of the world."

Donít miss this. "The peaceful relationships (conquered nations that have accepted Islam) which are the only ones that can insure the peace of the world." We have been warned about this for years by those who study Islam. The "peace" of Islam can only be attained when all the world is Islam.

Videotapes such as these, slipped into our public schools, have been telling our kids for years what they are going to do: "Today the youth of Islam is going to tackle the world with the same enthusiasm which once urged their fathers onwards to conquer. A double enthusiasm for freedom and faith."

The video has spread the message of Islam to classrooms all over the nation. The narrator very slowly and deliberately said, "I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is the servant and apostle of Allah." He also spread the offer for suicide bombers in classrooms all over America, "We shall grant a reward without limit to whoever fights along Godís road, whether he be killed or victorious." The video ends with very final words, said in all seriousness and authority, "There is no divinity but God and Muhammad is the prophet of God." Credits are then seen while listening to the call to prayer to Allah.

These statements are deeply surrounded by dry FACTS about Islam, the nations it conquered, how they built the mosques, all the ingredients it takes to make an educational video to be taken seriously. It is an excellent example of what our society is accepting today. We are told Islam is "peaceful" while Christians and Jews are being slaughtered in genocide proportions, Muslims are congratulating themselves for the favor of Allah while our children are being recruited in public schools and it is said people are flocking to mosques in record numbers. We have hundreds of years of history to prove that Islam is FAR from peaceful, but as the videotape said, the conquests are forgotten. Our politicians are desperately trying to rewrite the Muslim religion, but is ANYONE going to fall for that?

Two years ago Dr. Dobson urged parents to get their kids out of public schools. So has Dr. Laura, Joseph Farah and now the Southern Baptists and other evangelical Christians have introduced resolutions to follow suit. Roger Moran said,

"As the educational philosophy of public schools increasingly mirrors the anti-Christian philosophy of our activist judges, the time has come to proclaim with absolute clarity that 'render unto Caesar' was never intended to include the hearts and minds of our children."

My youngest son is now past these inductive lessons and his most impressionable years. I am hoping to return to sharing the Gospel and local ministries. The BlessedCause part of my life is prayerfully over for me. Iíve done what I can (unless they show my son this video and then the gloves are off). Parents, stand up for your children. Get pro-active in public schools. Satan is after your children.

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Jen Shroder has been interviewed by Fox News, Associated Press, and dozens of talk radio hosts and news media. Shroder began as a mere mom outraged by the lessons her children brought home from public school, and claims God's leading as the only explanation for the success of her website, BlessedCause.org