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Koran on Trial

San Luis Coastal Unified School District, the principal and my son's teacher have all decided to show my son The Story of Islam; they have decided it is their place to teach my son academically that:

"There is no divinity but God and Muhammad is the prophet of God."

The lead to this statement is not "Muslims believe" but rather that it is a "certainty." The ending words of the video, said with resolve and fortitude to American children all over California, said,

[The Quran] is a certainty which came to them in the 7th century but which remains of value as a guiding principal for life and as a light for the future until the end of time no matter how modern the world. There is no divinity but God and Muhammad is the prophet of God. (fade with calls to prayer to Allah in the background).
See more of what's in the video.

When the principal called me to let me know they were going ahead with the video, (and this is truly the nicest principal...) she wanted to talk about alternative assignments for my son. Apparently our school district has decided they can stomp all over religious freedom any which way they want, as long as they offer an "opt-out" for children whose parents object.

The problem is I went through this same tactic three years ago with an older son. They promised me alternative assignments and (like a buffoon) I agreed. I was then sent on a wild goose chase by a different principal who told me to look up state approved social studies classes over the internet. After many phone calls, it was finally established through a long list of California DOE departments that there is no such approved internet classes as I was led to believe. When I told this to the principal, he wasnít at all surprised and said coldly, "Well then your only other option is to homeschool. There are no other alternative assignments."

Alternative assignments? Opt my son out? Make a big deal out of asking him to leave the room while everyone else watches the video, because his mom has a problem with it? Do 7th grade boys enjoy being called a momma's boy? That's exactly what a teacher called my other son on a popular local radio show when I objected to Islam indoctrination three years ago. After listening to a teacher completely fabricate the facts over the radio, I offered to come on the show, and she did everything she could to make it difficult for my sons. She said on the radio program, 

ďIs your other son as pro this "mama-movement" as the other boy is?Ē

Fortunately both of my sons are very strong minded and willing to stand up for their faith. But does any mother want their children to be persecuted during their tender years? For a teacher to attack me was one thing, but to attack children? Nothing can be worse to 7th grade boy than to be thought of as a "momma's boy."

What happened to Samantha E. in Byron County was worse. Samantha didnít want to "become Muslim," praise Allah or fast for Ramadan, so her mom wrote her a note to "opt out" of the 7th grade Islam course. When Samantha handed her teacher the note, the teacher became angry, held up the note and shouted at the class, "Is there anyone else!?"

Another student crumpled the note on her desk, squeezing it tightly, searching for the strength to hold up her note as Samantha did. "Samanthaís in big trouble," someone whispered. The teacher, who had dressed in a belly-dancing costume for the lesson, appeared angry as she demanded, "IS THERE ANYONE ELSE?"

Peter, a grown fisherman, faltered at the question of a servant girl, "Arenít you one of His disciples?" Peter eyed the sharp spear of a Roman soldier and replied, "I donít know Him." A servant pointed a finger and accused him, "DIDNíT I SEE YOU IN THE GARDEN WITH HIM??!!!"

Similarly, the teacherís words echoed in the classroom, "IS THERE ANYONE ELSE?!!!! Samantha stood there, alone, as her friend wrestled with her fear to join her, gripping her note, afraid of the sharp spear of the teacherís wrath and the eyes of her classmates, the eyes of a crowd.

Samantha was sent to the school office, listening to comments from other children about how she did something wrong. She reported to the school office for more than a month, often three full class periods a day, and was told to study without instruction or guidance from the teacher who was always too busy. She was tested on an entire chapter of the French revolution and was given a failing grade.

Her parents sought justice through our court system and lost, Judge Hamilton believes it is acceptable to mandate children to "become Muslim," take Muslim names, memorize and recite prayers of worship to Allah, fast for Ramadan and play games with dice to advance to Mecca. (by the way, the punishment for non-believers to enter Mecca is death).

The case is under appeal and everyone is currently waiting for a ruling by the Ninth District Court of Appeals. Samantha's family has braved a NIGHTMARE of persecution as they fight for our religious freedom, alone. Will the nation close its eyes to what is happening to our children in California? Will Governor Schwarzenegger, who has already been apprised of the situation, abandon children like Samantha?

Judge Hamilton ruled that children can be forced to do these things because when asked, Samantha's older brother replied he did not actually believe he became a Muslim. Imagine the weight this puts on children. Pretend to be Muslim, just don't believe it. Neither did Joseph when he was sold into slavery by his brothers and was forced to attend ceremonies to false gods. Our children are being reduced to public education slaves, forced into other religions, literally on their knees to other gods.

Is this religious freedom?

Do public educators think that just because they offer us alternative assignments, they can teach our children whatever they want? The answer is NO. The Supreme Court has ruled, for the purposes of the Lee test, 505 US at 587, "subtle and indirect pressure," such as social pressure from peers to conform to school-set norms, can constitute coercion, even if students are otherwise free to opt out of the activity. See also Newdow 328 F.3d at 488.

Parents, get involved. ASK to see what videos will be shown to your kids and OBJECT to anything you find that assaults your religious freedom. You don't have to allow your child to be singled out and ridiculed. Insist your child be treated like everyone else and pursue a lawsuit if your religious freedoms are trampled. Don't let innocent children like Samantha bear the burden of this cross alone. Contact us, we can help.

Do whatever it takes to defend your sons and daughters and our precious religious freedom. Make no mistake, Satan is after your children.

UPDATE: Response from California's Dept. of Education

What you can do with 7th grade Islam assignments