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The Plight of Moderate Muslims
a people without a religion

by Jen Shroder
Muhammad got in my car, grinning from ear to ear, one of the nicest kids we know. Then there is Abbas, the son of an Iranian Shah who gave me an exquisite tapestry case just because he is generous. I smile whenever I think of Sharif and how we would almost fall over laughing as we bantered back and forth. I remember parties at Omarís in Ashland and Iím always happy to see my Muslim neighbors.

I have liked every Muslim I have ever met.

America is embracing a religion that is said to promote peace as many moderate Muslims happily practice it. But as Yale professor and military historian Mary Habeck points out, this "peace" is only the first phase of Islam. The "method of Muhammad" largely known by Middle East Islamists is to spread Islam peacefully at first but always including covert groups of "true followers" who will use violence against those who will not accept. This method is verified in Islamís holy book, the Sira, and the pattern has been repeated throughout history.

When scholars point at the Koran and the terrorist verses recited over acts of violence and beheadings, Muslims claim those verses are out of context, and they feel out of context to those who have accepted Islamís first phase. But "peace" is not the last phase of Islam.

Muhammad, reverenced as Jesus Christ is to Christians, is the role model. Muslims believe if they want to experience his success, they must follow his footsteps exactly, and Muhammad slaughtered 600 to 900 Jews that rejected his "peaceful" Islam, then sold their wives and children into slavery as he continued to quote Allah, adding terrorism, beheadings and carnage.

Bin Laden believes he is following Muhammadís footsteps. He did not hijack a religion, he just took it seriously.

The answer is not to claim moderate Muslim beliefs are true Islam. The answer is not to ask our children to get on their hands and knees and pray to Allah in public school, to "become Muslim," fast for Ramadan, and "assume you are a Muslim soldier" as our textbooks direct. Once the governing majority is Muslim, "true Islam" and the totalitarian oppressive Sharia laws come into effect. Our freedoms will be slowly choked from us as they are being choked from France today.

President Bush probably doubts we can "win the war on terror" because that would require the eradication of Islam completely, something America would never endeavor. Religious freedom is fundamental to us, it is part of what makes us great. We will not outlaw Islam, we will not hunt down and kill every Muslim in an effort to win the Jihad pronounced by sheiks. President Bush is absolutely right, we canít "win" the war, we can only fight to maintain our stature and freedom while we hunt down a never-ending supply of Islamic terrorists.

Thus we have already "won" every day we stand as a shining light, (though dimming if our nation continues to oppose God).

But the plight of the moderate Muslim is grave. As America slowly admits the enemy is true Islam, every effort must be made to embrace the moderate Muslim, not persecute them. The answer is not to blind our eyes and try to convince ourselves that moderate Muslims represent true Islam. They donít. Islam is defined by its holy books, and the holy books proclaim death to all who oppose it, even moderate Muslims. The answer is to live in reality, recognize the violence of true Islam as it rears its head, and ask moderate Muslims to reconsider. True Islam pronounces moderate Muslims as apostate, they are the "near enemies" in the Sira and without true conversion, they will be slaughtered right along with Christians and Jews. American Muslims need to take a hard look at what their Koran, in its entirety and true context, demands. They can no more denounce the method of Muhammad than Christians can denounce the sacrifice and love of God. I know, because as I battle with public educators for my childrenís religious freedom, I get angry, and God continually rebukes me for my anger. He reminds me of the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for them as well, and I am constantly humbled.

Muhammad slaughtered unbelievers. Jesus Christ gave Himself to be slaughtered. Muhammad took life, Jesus laid down His own life. I am to love these educators that would ask my sons to practice abominations to God, but I am not to give my sons over to them. We are to LOVE American Muslims, but we ought not give over our nation. We need to admit what true Islam is... or we can invest in prayer carpets, head baskets and burkas.

So as America wakes up to our enemyís identity, pray for protection of moderate Muslims. They bought a belief without substance, a way of life without a Savior. Embrace them, love them and share His holy light with them.

But at the same time, do not allow public schools to lead your sons and daughters to their plight.