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  Standing Up for Religious Freedom in public schools:
bullet Students' Ramadan-fast assignment protested by Diana Lynne,
World Net Daily
bulletThink Like a Muslim  by Daniel Pipes, Ph.D.
New York Post
bulletHey, Where's Jesus?  by Patrick O'Hannigan
bulletIslam Studies Spark Lawsuit by Diana Lynne,
World Net Daily
bulletCalifornia School Sued Over Islamic Drills by Ellen Sorokin, Washington Times
bulletPublic Schools Embrace Islam, a Shocker  by Rev. Austin Miles
bulletUpchuckin the News and the NEA   by April Shenandoah,
GOP USA and Sierra Times
bulletTextbook reads like recruitment by Tamara Henry,
USA Today
bullet School Comes Under Fire  by Michelle Locke,
Associated Press
bullet Look Who's Teaching Johnny About Islam Paul Sperry exposes how Islam indoctrinates
bullet World History Draws Criticism by Associated Press
bulletIslam Takes Over Curriculum by Brad Dacus,
Pacific Justice Institute
bullet Book draws parents ire  by PE Press Enterprise by Maria Garcia
bulletDistrict Sued over Islam studies by Diana Lynne, WND
bulletParents Sue Byron County by Associated Press
bulletIslamic Emphasis in Textbooks by Mark Ellis,
 Assist News
bulletCalifornians wearing blinders as..  by April Shenandoah,
American Partisan
bulletShoving Islam Down Johnny's Throat by Jamie Glazov, Ph.D.
bulletCalif. Approved Text Promotes Islam   Focus on the Family
bulletIslamic Brainwashing Now a Part of Public Schools  by JonChristian Ryter     
bulletThe Wolf in Critical Thinking by Jen Shroder,
Christians Unite
bulletLawsuit says Muslim text not right by David Kiefer,
San Francisco Examiner
bullet Significant Difference by Contra Costa Times
bullet Become a Muslim Warrior by Daniel Pipes
bullet Federal Lawsuit filed by Rev. Austin Miles
bullet Islam Lessons Prompt Lawsuit by Kelli A.Phillips,
Contra Costa Times
bulletNo Muslim Bias by Diana Lynne, World Net Daily
bulletTeaching Islam   by NRO  Rod Drehr
bulletIslam in CA Public Schools by Allan Dobras
bulletIslam curriculum generates protests by Barbara Curtis,
Christian Times
bulletIslam for Kids: Required Course by David Kiefer
bulletParent Files Challenge to Pro-Islamic Textbook by Skyline
bulletMore Anti-Muslim Censoring by Lance Gay
Scripps Howard News Service
bulletThomas More Official Press Release regarding lawsuit
bullet Textbooks: What is California to do? by Jen Shroder
bulletCoastal Crusade   by Tracy Hamilton
bullet Ph.D's and Professionals Review "Across the Centuries"
bullet SierraTimes articles by Jen, BlessedCause founder


bullet Are We In Denial About the Public Schools?
Lee Duigon, The Chalcedon Foundation
bullet Terror Suspect Helped Fight Christianity NewsMax series by Wes Vernon
bullet America's Secret Madrassas, Schools where Islam is taught  Front Page News
bullet Urban Legends Confirmation The REAL Urban Legends reluctantly must agree
bulletUpchuckin the News and the NEA
by April Shenandoah,
GOP USA and Sierra Times

Below are news articles referring to our battle over the textbooks.
See also syndicated columns by founder of BlessedCause

Islam and Relevant News

bulletScriptures for Muslim Consideration by Rev. Austin Miles
bulletIslam forced on Christians  by Art Moore, WND
bulletI understood this much..(Jen). by The Screed
(with picture)
bulletBelly of the Beast by Emanuel A. Winston caution: grisly

Get Kids Out of Public School now!

bulletDr. Dobson
bulletDr. Laura
bulletJoseph Farah
bulletYank your kids out of school by Joel Miller, WND
bulletYes, this will be on the test by Patrick O'Hannigan
bulletRelativism misunderstands reality by Patrick O'Hannigan
bullet Schools Banish Christmas by Joe Kovacs
World Net Daily

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