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By April Shenandoah
August 25,  2002

Recently I heard Rush Limbaugh run through the scenario of the day's news and end the segment by exclaiming, "I'm going to throw up, I can't take this anymore." My sentiments exactly! Each and every day there is another person or organization that is reported to have a cause that is more bizarre than the next. Most of them sound as if they just escaped from an insane asylum. These professional agitators that are hired to stir up dissent and division do their job well, as they literally make me sick! And even more disturbing is the fact that we rarely hear a peep out of our government officials on these asinine issues that are dumping America right in the sewer.

All in one day -- we have the San Francisco Chronicle reporting that slutty behavior is good for the species and we should learn from tribal instincts. Anthropologists say female promiscuity brings communities closer together and improves the gene pool. This is all based on a new book titled "Cultures of Multiple Fathers" which studies women in South America who have as many as 40 men at a time. Lord forgive me for even acknowledging this Sodom and Gomorra rhetoric.

Then we had the Louis Farakan rally in Washington, DC to hype reparations for the black man to mend the pain of slavery from years gone by. One speaker was shouting that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Rudy Guiliani were terrorists. Zack Webb from the University of Kentucky NAACP said, "Reparations are a really good way for the white people to admit they're wrong." Racism is over but these pathetic crybabies want to keep it alive. Everyone I know could care less if a person is black, white, red, or purple. What ever the race or color - no one gets out of this life without experiencing some sort of pain and suffering! The past is what it was - get over it!

And now the National Education Association has devised a horrific curriculum to be taught to children from grade school up touting America as the "bad guys" -- clearly proving that we are being destroyed from within! Hello out there in the White House - is anybody home?

The NEA has suggested to teachers that they be careful during the anniversary of September 11, and not to suggest any group is "responsible" for the terrorist attacks that killed approximately 3,000 people. They noted, "Blaming is especially difficult in terrorist situations because someone is at fault. In this country, we still believe that all people are innocent until solid, reliable evidence from our legal authorities proves otherwise."

One of the NEA lessons compiled under the title "Remember September 11" clearly takes a blame-America approach strongly suggesting that teachers discuss historical instances of American intolerance so that the American public will avoid repeating terrible mistakes. Examples used are the Internment of Japanese Americans after Pearl Harbor and the backlash against Arab Americans during the Gulf War.

Critics said some of the lesson plans aimed at junior and senior high school students are a form of "cultural Marxism" because the curriculum defends all other cultures except Western civilization. "A lot of what's stated in these lesson plans are lies," said William S. Lind, director of the center for Culture Conservatism for the Free Congress Foundation. "None of what is mentioned in these plans are facts. It's an ultimate sin to now defend Western culture."

Our children see unending reruns of 9/11 in the media; there is no need to bring it into the classroom. Children are more resilient that adults might think. They can also handle the truth! Children used to go to school to learn to read, write and do math. But today they are being indoctrinated into like-minded robots whereby they will be void of any traditional American views and values -- all in the name of multiculturalism (easier for the state to control).

"Muslim groups applauded the NEA's lesson plans that provides teachers with a well balanced, wide range of resources to help students learn how to appreciate diversity," said Hodan Hassan, a spokeswoman for the Washington-based Council on American Islamic Relations. Hassan told the NEA they are enriching the learning process whereby the critics of the lessons will only harm the children. The critics are said to have "an anti-Muslim phobia." (I was wondering how long it was going to take until the word "phobia" would be attached to describe critics as intolerant to the Islamic faith.)

An intensive three-month course on Islam is being taught in many schools around the country - so why isn't the American Civil Liberties Union screaming "separation of church and state" now? The Koran is okay but not the Bible? The first textbook ever used in this country was the BIBLE and now it isn't even allowed in the classroom.

To learn more about the NEA and to view the lesson plans log on to owl.org or nea.org.

[JenT is one woman who has tried to fight the scorning of Christianity and the indoctrination of Islam and atheism in the San Luis Obispo Coastal Unified School District in California (Kholmes@slcused.org). Parents are in fear of speaking up and the local clergy refuses to talk to their congregations concerning it. She has listed a number of Antichrist activities in an article titled "Profile of an Antichrist Town." Support this courageous woman by checking her web site - BlessedCause.org]
 Antichrist spirit in Public School

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