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Don't miss "Corruption in our children's textbooks."

Posted with permission by Jamie Glazov, PhD
You must obtain permission from Dr. Glazov to repost

Shoving Islam Down Johnny’s Throat
 FrontPageMagazine.com |by Jamie Glazov, Ph.D.

IMAGINE HAVING A DAUGHTER WHO IS IN GRADE 7 and one day she comes home with a burqa on and tells you that she is ready to become a suicide bomber.

Does this sound far-fetched and paranoid?

That’s what many people thought about the warnings of Conservatives when sex education started being taught in public schools.  But now we have our youngsters in school being taught about essential things like “fisting.”

I’d rather not extrapolate.

So did you know that our children are now having Islam shoved down their throats?  There is now a middle school curriculum, mandated by the California Department of Education, which uses the textbook Across the Centuries (Houghton Mifflin) to indoctrinate 7th graders with Islam.

Every reference to Islam in Across the Centuries is positive -- and also based on the premise that the religion is the truth.  The text doesn’t qualify anything by saying things like “Muslims believe.”  Mohammed is the Prophet and that’s that.

Christianity, meanwhile, doesn’t fare so well in Across the Centuries.  It’s painted in a totally negative light.  The text makes numerous references, for instance, to how Christians have persecuted Jews.  But for some reason there are no references to how Muslims have ever persecuted anyone.  There is not even a word about how, in our own age, Pakistani Muslim soldiers raped a quarter of a million Bengali women in 1971 after they massacred 3 million unarmed civilians.

The teaching of Across the Centuries is usually coupled with handouts that entail instructions such as "You and your classmates will become Muslims."  Every student then assumes a Muslim name, wears Muslim clothes and even memorizes a prayer that includes the line, "Praise be to Allah, Lord of Creation."  Students receive assignments to build mosques, pretend they are going on a pilgrimage to Mecca, and to memorize Islam's Five Pillars of Faith.

Where exactly are we going with this?

Before you know it, you’ll be sitting at home and your daughter will come through the front door with a burqa on.

If this happens, how would you even recognize her?  And what if you called her by her name and she said, “No, it’s Ibtihaaj and praise be to Allah.”

What if your daughter was on the school soccer team?  How would she play with the burqa on?  And how would her school pictures work after that?

And what’s up with instructing students to build their own mosques?  Where exactly are they going to do this?  What if your 7th grader starts building one in your backyard with his/her friends?  What will the neighbors think?

And wouldn’t the classes eventually start teaching the kiddies about the importance and glory of suicide bombing?  Contemporary Islam, after all, promotes “martyrdom” as the highest duty of Muslims.

Would it be grounds for worry when your son began constructing explosives and practicing strapping them to his chest?

Right now, Across the Centuries teaches that Islam gives women a lot of “rights.”  But sooner or later, the teachers will have to show the kids the Qur’an.  That’s when the students will stumble into Surah 4:34, which commands a man to beat his wife as soon as she shows any sign of disobedience to his orders.

And what do you say when your child asks you about Islam’s teaching that female beauty is a manifestation of the devil himself (i.e. Imam Ibn al-Jawzi in his text Dhamm al-hawa)?  Moreover, according to a hadith in Imam Bukhari’s Al-Sahih, the Prophet Mohammed states that, as he stood at the gate of hell, he observed that, "Most of those who entered there were women."  So what do you tell your daughter if she starts fretting that she will go to hell?  If you tell her she won’t, will someone from the school come over and cut your tongue out?

All of this is very troubling.  So is the silence of the secular Leftists on this matter.  For the longest time they have gone into neurotic convulsions about the prospect of students saying the “Our Father” in America’s public schools.  But now, all of a sudden, they are not obsessed with the separation of religion and the state when it comes to Islam.  Why?

During the days of the counter-culture, Leftists often taunted Conservatives with the threat: “We’ll get you through your children.”  It looks like the enemies of America have now found more imaginative ways of doing so.

Who will take a stand at this vital hour?

Jamie Glazov holds a Ph.D. in History with a specialty in Soviet Studies. He is the author of 15 Tips on How to be a Good Leftist and of Canadian Policy Toward Khruschev’s Soviet Union (McGill-Queens University Press, 2002). Born in the U.S.S.R., Jamie is the son of prominent Soviet dissidents, and now resides in Vancouver, Canada. He writes the Dr. Progressive advice column for angst-ridden leftists at EnterStageRight.com.  Email him at jglazov@rogers.com.

Read the outrageous Court ruling by Judge Phyllis Hamilton [a Clinton appointee] authorizing public schools to REQUIRE students to get on their hands and knees and pray to Allah by memory along with any other practices of faith  "in demonstration." This ruling was upheld by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the US Supreme Court refused to hear it, thus allowing it as setting precedent, a tool used to uphold the decision in other states.

In my opinion, this reduces our children to slaves, for only slaves are reduced to "not believe" as they are forced to take the position and pray to foreign gods. - Jen Shroder 11/27/2010


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