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Californians wearing blinders
 while 7th graders are being indoctrinated into Islam

by April Shenandoah
The American Partisan

Have you put on your blinders today? We, yes all of us, have let unfair practices and new laws slip through the cracks in our cities and states. For instance - where was the outcry when abortion was proclaimed legal by the Supreme Court - where was the outcry when prayer was taken out of school and the Separation of Church and State was adopted by the Supreme Court - where was the outcry when crosses were removed from hillsides (that had been there for decades) because they were suddenly illegal - There are dozens of examples -- and now I ask you, where is the outcry of parents concerning the teaching of Islam in California schools?

Parents are wearing blinders while their young, impressionable children are being indoctrinated into the religion of Islam right under their noses. However, in the Byron, California Union School District, principal Nancy Castro (Intermediate-Excelsior School of Byron) explains that the course is not religion, but ancient culture and history. Castro says the course reflects state standards and that the textbook "Across The Centuries" - published by Houghton-Mifflin, has been adopted by the California school system. Unfortunately, when this same book references Christianity it is in a negative context, Islam is glorified and omits all talk of past wars and massacres that have persecuted the Christians and Jews. As one student put it, "it is a pretty culture."

The Islam study is an intensive three-week course; remember we are talking about 7th graders here, doesn't this in itself sound a bit odd? The students learn the tenets of Islam, study the leaders of the faith, wear a traditional Muslim robe, adopt a Muslim name and stage their own jihad. The children also memorize verses from the Koran and are taught to pray in the name of Allah and are instructed to chant "Praise to Allah, Lord of Creation."

If this were a course to simply study an ancient tradition, it would be taught, not acted out in the classroom. One school went as far as taking the students to visit a mosque -- yet according to the ACLU it would be against the law for a school to take a field trip to a church or synagogue. The big picture smacks of indoctrination!

This history of Islam course is so detailed one might think it would be for high school or higher learning institutes. It includes the life of the founder, Mohammed, and the memorization of Islamic terms and phrases. Twenty Islamic proverbs must be learned as well as Five Pillars of Faith. When asked, some of the students described it as "fun." Of course, any role playing at an early age is "fun." The danger is that this is not a game. Whoever wrote this study up for 7th graders knew this was the age to seize them. This will invariably lead many of these children to seek after Islam.

The Lord Jesus ChristIf my information is correct, the schools are teaching Islam as the true religion. Excuse me! We kicked God out and let Allah.in! What is happening here? Where is the ACLU concerning the Separation of Church and State on this one? I haven't heard a word of protest from them or anybody else.

Ten years ago, a lady told me that the Muslims have a plan to take over the world. I didn't think much about it until September 11, 2001. Now I am concerned as to what we are allowing here in our own United States of America. For those ready to call me a racist, hold it right there. I am not against Muslims! I'm against the Muslims that want to destroy my country and impose their way of life on us and our children. I'm not against Islam! I'm against those insisting that Islam will prevail and that Christians and Jews must be exterminated. My history books tell me that America was founded on Judeo-Christian principles and as long as I have breath I will stand, fight, and pray for her and those principles. ***

April Shenandoah's "Upchuckin the NEA" article

2002 April Shenandoah

bulletPhoto of April Shenandoah courtesy of staff files