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Don't miss exact quotes from the  textbook.

Textbook reads like recruitment

In our effort to remain copyright compliant, following are excerpts. You can try finding the original article using Wayback Machine, an internet archive or contact USAToday. This article contains large portions as Jen Shroder of blessedcause and Brad Dacus representing her are the subject of text posted.

Parents say textbook reads like recruitment

 By Tamara Henry, USA Today

 Parents in two California school districts have launched an effort to have a seventh-grade social studies textbook altered or removed, charging that it contains Islamic information that amounts to proselytizing and could lead students down the same path as American Taliban member John Walker Lindh.

 The Pacific Justice Institute, a non-profit legal defense organization specializing in religious issues and parental rights, filed two administrative complaints on behalf of parents in the San Luis Coastal Unified and Lemon Grove school districts.  Complaints may be filed in at least two other districts, says institute president Brad Dacus.


 Jen Shroder, a parent from San Luis Obispo, says the textbook “whitewashes Islam and denigrates Christianity.”

 She cites a section that says, “The Arabic word Qur’an can be loosely translated as ‘recitation.’  In fact, the very first word the angel Gabriel spoke to Muhammad was ‘Recite.’”  And another passage: “Arabic lettering had a special significance for Muslims, because it was used to write down God’s words as they had been given to Muhammad.”

 Her objections go beyond this particular textbook.  “I was deeply upset that they asked kids in my fourth-grade son’s class to dance to African gods,” she says.  “I’m also extremely upset about the ninth-grade textbook that pretty much says man created God.  It’s not just Islam, though why they would promote such a violent religion is beyond me.”


 “There is nothing unconstitutional in teaching about religion and teaching about Islam,” Dacus says.  “Many parents are appreciative of their children having this broad awareness of the rest of the world and their faith.  The problem is when the pendulum swings too much in the other direction so that it actually provides inaccuracies and distortions of Islam.”  Also, he points to classroom activities that encourage role-playing and ask students to imagine being Muslim.


 The institute is not seeking to ban the books from the schools, Dacus says, but the textbook publisher is being asked to supplement or correct the points under criticism and “eventually to having the textbook edited and reviewed to make sure these points are corrected.”


 Pretend you’re a Muslim soldier and build a little Mosque

 Following are excerpts and some suggested review exercises from Across the Centuries, a Houghton Mifflin social studies textbook for seventh-graders:

bullet“An Islamic term that is often misunderstood is jihad.  The term means ‘to struggle, to do one’s best to resist temptation and overcome evil.  Under certain conditions, the struggle to overcome evil may require action.”
bullet“These revelations confirmed both Muhammad’s belief in one God, or monotheism, and his role as the last messenger in a long line of prophets sent by God.  The God he believed in – Allah – is the same God of other monotheistic religions, Judaism and Christianity.  Allah, the Arabic word for God, is the word used in the Qur’an.


·        “Writing activity.  Assume you are a Muslim soldier on your way to conquer Syria in the year A.D. 635.  Write three journal entries that reveal your thoughts about Islam, fighting in the battle, or life in the desert.”

·        “Collaborative learning.  Form small groups of students to build a miniature mosque.  You may decide to use cardboard, papier-mache, or other materials.  Have one member do research at the library to find out what the insides of mosques look like.  Have another member design a building plan.  And have two members collect the building materials.  Together, construct the mosque according to your plan.”

End of article

Read the Court ruling by Judge Phyllis Hamilton [a Clinton appointee] authorizing public schools to REQUIRE students to get on their hands and knees and pray to Allah by memory along with any other practices of faith  "in demonstration." This ruling was upheld by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals and the US Supreme Court refused to hear it, thus allowing it as setting precedent, a tool used to uphold the decision in other states.

In my opinion, this reduces our children to slaves, for only slaves are reduced to "not believe" as they are forced to take the position and pray to foreign gods. - Jen Shroder 11/27/2010

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