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Don't miss "Corruption in our children's textbooks."

  Islam Takes Over Curriculum


By Brad W. Dacus, Esq.

 A class of 7th graders begins the class with their teacher taking attendance: “Ali Muhammad?” “Here.” “Abdull Muhammad Ishmael?”  “Here”…  Then the class gets on its knees and the students lower their heads to the floor.  Some students are even given extra credit for memorizing verses from the Quran.

 Where is their class located?  Iraq?  Iran?  Saudi Arabia?  No, try California.

A mother who was outraged to find out that the school district was causing her 7th grade son to feel very uncomfortable about the Islamic-based curriculum being taught to him, brought the above incident to our attention on December 12, 2001.  When the school district refused to allow the mother to opt her child out of the instruction, she contacted the Pacific Justice Institute.

 We then investigated and discovered that, although the activities varied from school to school, nearly every 7th grade class in California used the same textbook, Across the Centuries, filled with the pro-Islamic, anti-Christian propaganda.  The state endorsed textbook used by the teachers puts the history of the Islamic faith in a purely positive light, while depicting Christians in a negative light.  We have since assisted a number of parents in California in filing administrative complaints with their school districts as well as representing them in their requests to opt their children out of the highly controversial instruction.

 Although it is not unconstitutional for schools to teach about different religions, established case law requires that such instruction be neither hostile nor preferential toward any particular faith.  In other words, religious instruction must be balanced.

 So how “balanced” is Across the Centuries?  Page 64 portrays Islam as giving women equal rights, yet the textbook conveniently forgets to mention how Islam allows a male adherent to have 4 wives (and not vice versa).  Other portions of the textbook refer to statements of belief as statements of fact, “In fact, the very first word the Angel Gabriel spoke to Muhammad was ‘recite’” page 63.

 In describing Muhammad, the textbook makes no mention of the fact that Muhammad not only owns slaves, but also was an active slave trader.  The textbook also attempts to downplay his role as a warrior leading numerous battles in a holy Jihad against alleged infidels.  Instead, it states that, ”Muhammad’s success in spreading Islam was due in large part to his strong character, morality, courage and compassion” page 65.

 When it discusses why Jerusalem is so important to different religions Across the Centuries says that, “Jerusalem is where Jesus was crucified and buried, and it was where Muhammad rose to heaven” page 280. Is the word “resurrection” too difficult to spell? 

On page 315 under the caption “Understanding Religious Persecution”, the textbook only refers to how Christians persecuted people of other faiths.  (Note: These are just a FEW of the many examples of bias and propaganda reflected in this book.)

 However, by far the greatest controversy comes from supplemental material found by an Associated Press Reporter for the San Francisco Examiner in classroom handouts stating, “You and your classmates will become Muslims”.  The student assumes a Muslim name, wears Muslim clothes and even memorizes a prayer that includes the line, “Praise be to Allah, Lord of Creation’.”  Parents whose children have been exposed to this curriculum are encouraged to contact the Pacific Justice Institute at (916) 857-6900.

 As we at the Pacific Justice Institute represent parents to contest this clear abridgment of parental trust, let’s hope public education remembers that its primary duty is to educate and not indoctrinate