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Islam Induction in our Public School Textbooks
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John Walker Lindh & California school proselytizing

Islam proselytized in Public School

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Militant Terrorist Islam

God blesses those who bless Israel

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  The Truth about the Textbooks  

Houghton Mifflin's textbook review giving exact quotes and page numbers.

bullet"Across the Centuries" 7th Grade textbook
bulletBlatant promotion of Islam
bulletDenigration of Christianity
bullet"A Message of Ancient Days" 6th Grade textbook
bulletBlatant misrepresentation of Christianity
bullet"Christian" section is Islam's version, not what Christians believe about Jesus!
bulletJudaism (Jewish) faith rewritten to omit God
bulletHumanist explanations of Biblical History
bullet Teacher Assignments of Across the Centuries
bullet ISLAM: A Simulation/actual handout from Byron county
bullet"Modern World History" High School Textbook
bulletAtheism pronounced
bulletOur own Christian heritage rewritten and omitted
bullet Ph.D's and Professionals Review "Across the Centuries"
bulletScathing confirmation from highly educated professionals
bullet IN CONTEXT ACTUAL PAGES, "Across the Centuries"
bulletHoughton Mifflin claimed I took excerpts out of context, so these are some complete pages

Judge Phyllis Hamilton's Rulings, the actual court document defending prayer to Allah in public schools:  (large Pdf)
bullet Allah prayers in Public School

bullet How CLINTON Sold Our Children to ISLAM
bulletWHY our textbooks are so pro-Islam
bulletNews Articles
bulletDozens of articles on Islam in Public Schools
bulletBlessedCause response to Houghton Mifflin's Denials
bulletBlatant deceptions exposed, UNBELIEVABLE
bulletCrusades section admittedly from Islam's perspective through Council of Islamic Education.
bulletHM caught contradicting their own press release
bulletDenial implied endorsement by Christian Educators and Hadassah
bulletSurprising facts about whose endorsing HM
bullet Houghton Mifflin's 2nd Fabricated Defense
bulletWhat HM fails to report about the Crusades
bulletIslam started it
bulletChristians did not attack Mecca or violate peace, ISLAM did!  
bullet Hidden Agenda of Comparative Religion
bullet Plot to Indoctrinate One World Children
In-depth study of the current process
bulletPie Chart of "Across the Centuries"
bulletPie chart showing huge emphasis toward religious BELIEFS of Islam. 

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