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Liberals attacking
those who object

by Jen Shroder  
3/21/05  free to repost
Already appearing at RenewAmerica, MichNews, Out2 National News, The Rant, NewsBull, Conservative Voice and other syndicated columns

Everyone receives an email once in a while that contains a "Virus-Alert" with a returned email we supposedly sent and did not. We complain to our internet provider that someone has used our email address to send out spam, only to find there is nothing that can be done about it, itís a common practice and "no big deal."

But when I receive "returned emails," I check to see who I supposedly sent viruses to. Today I "sent" viruses to government scientists working with "crop systems and global change," sensitive government officials which coincidentally cause me to look like a domestic terrorist.

Now who would do such a thing?

During the efforts to recall Gov. Davis of California, democrats were desperate to discredit the recall by alleging a "right wing conspiracy." My only involvement was ONE POST applauding the recall which was six months old and on the second page index of my website, BlessedCause. Because of that, a democratic leader publicly named BlessedCause as the organization behind the recall. I found this honor rather humorous, though we were undeserving of such credit.

But then I received a "returned" virus that I supposedly sent to someone at hmco.com, aka Houghton Mifflin, the textbook company that I have been exposing on my website as indoctrinating children to Islam while disparaging Christianity. Just as the Davis Recall date was approaching, I had been verifiably hacked and had sent out incriminating viruses under the caption of "wicked." Would anyone at Houghton Mifflin actually open such an email and download a vicious virus? Not likely. But would the media be interested to know that the organization leader behind the Davis Recall was just caught trying to sabotage an establishment like Houghton Mifflin? My website would confirm my outrage at what Houghton Mifflin has done in public schools and conclusions would be drawn as the 6:00 News showed footage of a surprised and ill-prepared woman being handcuffed days before the Davis Recall election, painting a picture of poor Governor Davis being treated so shamefully by the "right wing conspiracy."

What other explanation is there for Robert Melsh, Chair of the 64th Assembly District Committee of the Democratic Party to name me as behind the Davis Recall in a magazine article, establishing a verifiable news source?

Fortunately the FBI got involved, it was documented I did NOT send out the virus and Davis was recalled, but today, these tactics are presenting themselves again. Among emails threatening my life, my beheading and some kind of "action" to be taken against me, now Iím receiving "returned" viruses from addresses that would incriminate me and imply I am a domestic terrorist. My only protection is to publicly denounce that I do such things, because if I did, I would be a little more clever than to send viruses out with only a caption like "wicked." Oh yeah, rip that one open right away.

Is there any depth that the Democratic Party will not stoop to? When politicians lament that liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans must unite and fight together, I shudder. I am glad evil is exposed as evil and good is exposed as good, that lines are clear and itís easy to choose between life and aborticide, between traditional and gay marriage, between forcing "conditioning" educational slavery in public schools and giving parents the right to be parents. We donít need "moderates" pretending to be partial to both sides and sitting on the fence doing nothing except draw a hefty paycheck off the backs of hard working Americans. If the Republican Party goes "moderate," then it will be time to find a different party.


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Jen Shroder is founder of BlessedCause.org She has been interviewed by Fox News, Associated Press, and dozens of talk radio hosts and news media. She can be reached at http://www.blessedcause.org/contact.php