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Islam proselytized in Public School

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What You Can Do: Sign Petitions

When you read in the Bible of how all the disciples left Jesus and fled, do you wonder if you would have had the courage to remain?

When the Israelites sent out men to spy out the promised land, would you have come back as Joshua did, eager to take on the giants?

Have you ever wondered how it felt to have the faith of David as he approached Goliath, proclaiming His Lord?

And yet, how many of us won't even take the time to send an email to our legislators?

I know why we don't...it feels like it's hopeless. Our legislators won't listen. We feel inconsequential and trying only exacerbates that feeling.Chief Justice Roy Moore

But there is One who is watching who doesn't think you're inconsequential. As you take the time to sign that petition, His eyes are upon you as He watches your labor of love. God knows the internal struggle, the frustration, the tendencies we have to ignore the situation because we don't want to feel the outrage about so many issues. He knows the effort it takes to exert the diligence to seek and sign petitions, He knows the oppressive spirit that whispers in your ear, "Why bother to vote? The world will do what it will do" and it's so much easier to pick up the remote.

But we just gave up the battle, we gave our freedom to the liberal special interest groups that DO take the time.

These small internal struggles are what all of heaven watch for. We give audience to a spiritual realm that curiously watches this small battle...are we lukewarm or do we exert the faith of David? This is far more interesting to angels than the usual hours we fill up our world with. These small battles are why we exist.

Nobody on earth is watching as we tediously fill out another petition form. There is no applause that we can hear, no parties, no slaps on our back from fellow Christians, we don't call excitedly to proclaim our 2 minute effort for Christ.

But there is One who watches and is blessed. The One who was betrayed and abandoned is not abandoned now. Because you took the time, you made that small yet eternally remembered effort to sign your name on a petition to stand for the message of Christ, and regardless of what you think, it is NOT a small battle. You overcame the continuous onslaught of "who cares", "it won't matter", and "I'm only one person."

You are one person that means more than the world to Jesus Christ. More than His comfort, more than His life, you made a decision to stand with Him, and as you tirelessly sign petitions in the face of  imagined futility, God smiles, your efforts are purely for Him, and all of heaven applauds.

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