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by Jen Shroder

Christians love to talk about Jesus, what the Lord has shown them in their lives, but call a friend and ask how to deal with a demon and responses are radically different.

When one of my sons was in kindergarten, he became friends with an adorable little girl that lived nearby. But after a while my kids were resistant to going over to her house because they said they kept getting hurt in ways like tripping and falling.

Meanwhile the mom, Kate, and I had became friends. She started telling me about her animal spirit guides and incantations she did in the corners of the rooms in her house. All I could do was be honest about my concerns about it and shared with her things I learned in the Bible. She was really open to hearing about it.

One day Kate had a migraine and I went to her house to pick up her daughter. I asked Kate to lie on the floor and messaged the back of her neck in a way that a woman taught me to relieve migraines. While I was doing this, this long prayer just came pouring out of me, casting out demons that were there, it just flowed by itself and she seemed good with it and thanked me. She soon joined a church after that and she and her husband became youth leaders and credits that day as a turning point (though we all know itís all about Christ coming into our lives, without that, everything is worthless).

But that night back at my house, I woke up after 3 hours sleep with the most horrible feeling of evil in the house. It was so strong. I prayed, I sang praises, I read the Bible, but I couldnít stop looking through the glass of my french doors. It felt like someone was seething at me from the other side of the window. It was intense.

I went in the room where my sons were sleeping and started praying. After an hour or so of doing everything I could think of to cast it out, I was just about to leave their room when I heard a loud and distinct sound at the feet of one of my sons. It was one note that sounded like the lowest chord on a guitar. I was stunned. There was nothing at the feet of my sleeping son that could make that noise. We were living in a very quiet rural area, it was completely quiet, but that guitar note cut through the silence so clearly. I had hit a demon that day at Kateís, and being thrown out of her house, it was hitting back. It was threatening my son.

I said nothing to my son about it. He was only 8 and I didnít want to freak him out. But he started throwing up every night and doctors couldnít find anything wrong with him. I called the church, I didnít know what to do. No one had any experience with anything like this and seemed reluctant to say anything.

After a couple of weeks we were at a friendís house that lived on a busy street and without any warning, my son ran between two cars and into the heavy traffic. He almost got killed. Frantic, I asked him why he did that and he said he didnít know. He was really upset himself.

I was getting really scared. I had taken him to the doctors a couple of times and they had run tests but still couldnít find anything. My son was still throwing up every night at bedtime. Then John, a friend of mine, called and asked how I was. I had been trying not to say anything to friends because the few I told reacted like I had coodies, nobody really believed in demons. Nobody wanted to think about them. And I had to be careful my son didn't hear anything about this, this is not stuff for 8 year olds. But I told John what was going on and thank God, he came right over and together we prayed over my son while he was sleeping.

It worked. He didnít throw up any more after that, not once except when he was older and got sick like everybody else. He didnít throw himself in front of traffic. Praise God it worked. I was SO GRATEFUL to God, but I was a bit concerned why God didnít answer when I prayed alone. I like to think it was Godís way of telling me I needed to be in fellowship more. "Wherever two or more are gathered, there I am." I tend to want to do things on my own, and I know I need to pray more with others, but still. I just hope thatís why. I mean I prayed constantly and nothing. John comes over ONE time and it was gone. I think I got prayer envy. That's probably really something I should work on...


A couple of years before this, right around the time when I really started to get serious about God in a Biblical way, we had a pantry full of toys for the kids. After they went to bed one of the most creepiest toys started to go off. It was a plastic sword and when you tapped it, it would shriek a horrifying scream. It started to go off all on itís own, buried by other toys, shrieking over and over. I dug it out of the pile and went to turn it off, but it was already off. So I opened up the base to take out the batteries.

There were no batteries in it.

I had a minor freak out. There were no other compartments, no other places for batteries to be hiding, the thing was going off by itself. I marched it out the door and threw it in the neighborhood trash container, came home and locked the door behind me. It creeps me out just thinking about it. Since then a friend of mine told me they even have names for "those kinds of demons." Iíve never heard of such a thing. Never want to again either.

So if you ever have a friend that asks for help because she thinks sheís dealing with a demon, pray with him or her. They ARE out there. And the more I study the Bible, the more I realize these were just a small sample of the demons that will be unleashed in the end times. I hope to be raptured by then, but, if not, my gosh we need to be prayed up.

Demons exist. And have you read Revelation lately? Or heard the commentary about Genesis and the "deep" at the core of the earth?

Itís coming. And if you donít know God, now is a really good time to seek Him.

Seek Him and live.