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From Clinton's "35 Religious Groups"

Christian Legal Society

Even though the Christian Legal Society supported Clinton's document, in 1997, Christians had a chance for protection through a proposed Constitutional amendment. It was supported by many conservative Christian groups such as the Christian Coalition, but the Christian Legal Society OPPOSED it:

"To secure the people's right to acknowledge God: The right to pray or acknowledge religious belief, heritage or tradition on public property, including public schools, shall not be infringed. The government shall not compel joining in prayer, initiate or compose school prayers, discriminate against or deny a benefit on account of religion.

Even though this wording is very similar to what Clinton disguised his guidelines to be, there are no loopholes, no back doors for the ACLU to exploit at will.
The Christian Legal Society is also part of the "Board of Reference" for "Christian Educators Association International" (CEAI) which denied the pro-Islam bias in the textbook "Across the Centuries," and later admitted they never even reviewed it:
When the textbook publisher, Houghton Mifflin (HM), came under fire last year with accusations of proselytizing Islam, Forrest Turpen, Executive Director of CEAI, publicly defended the textbook. TruthorFiction.com noted the "Christian group" and wrote "Turpin (sic) says the teaching about Islam has not been "slipped" into the curriculum…In fact," says Turpin, "the state of California has been a leader in requiring a balance of teaching about who we are and what has empowered us as a civilization."

BlessedCause, the organization that originally complained about the Islamic propaganda, wrote to Forrest Turpen and asked why he endorsed the textbook. Turpen wrote: "…we focused only our attention on the Christian perspectives that were written and did not look at or compare the other content of the texts...In essence we did no evaluation of the other religions addressed in any of the textbooks of the HM series."

No evaluation. Yet Mr. Turpen, representing a "Christian group," defended HM and quelled public outrage.

BlessedCause continued correspondence with Dan Elliott, Vice Chairman of CEAI, confirmed CEAI did not evaluate the 7th grade textbook: "We did not review the information about islam but only some limited sections of one text book about Christianity."

If Christian Educators did not evaluate the Islam unit, why was Turpen quoted like an expert representing Christians and defend the Islam unit at TruthorFiction? BlessedCause asked CEAI to retract their statements. CEAI refused. (details)

Though Christian Legal Society was notified many times of the actions of CEAI, they remain listed as a Board of Reference for same.

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