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From Clinton's "35 Religious Groups"

Baptist Joint Committee
Protecting religious liberty by
 keeping church and state separate"

"I’m convinced that good people of every spiritual hue, precisely for their decency, cannot comprehend how profoundly outrageous the goals, evil the methods and pervasive the influence of religio-political extremists. [named later are Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family and American Family Association] Many see those so labeled as merely religious and political conservatives. How dangerous our naivete! How frightening our ignorance! Thank God for the Anti-Defamation League’s publication of The Religious Right: The assault on Tolerance and Pluralism in America."

James M. Dunn, Executive Director, BJCPA

Report from the Capital, Sept. 20, 1994 p.3

(For more information see "defense" section X)

What's the Book Say About the "Religious Right"?

What is it about the "Religious Right" that the BJCPA views as so dangerous, radical, extremist and fanatical? According to the above mentioned book, published by the Anti-Defamation League, under the subtitle "Religious Right and Homosexuality," the book states: "Among the concerns generating the greatest degree of unity and intensity on the religious right are ... abortion, feminism, pornography, and homosexuality. Each of these is perceived by the movement as an assault on the family and traditional, scriptural values..." (p. 132) (For more information see "defense" section X)


From their website:

WASHINGTON -- The separation of church and state remains the “best means of assuring robust religious liberty and to creating a climate of mutual respect in a religiously diverse culture,” five U.S. religious organizations declared in a joint publication issued October 17. A Shared Vision: Religious Liberty in the 21st Century was published by The American Jewish Committee, the Baptist Joint Committee on Public Affairs, The Interfaith Alliance Foundation, the National Council of the Churches of Christ in the U.S.A. and the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.
[same groups are listed on Clinton's draft]

“As organizations committed to religious liberty as well as a dynamic role for religion in public life, we share a different vision about the future: a vision that avoids both the theocratic tendencies on one side and the hostility toward religion associated with the other,” the religious groups said. "The separation of church and state requires that government refrain from promoting or inhibiting religion.”

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