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From Clinton's "35 Religious Groups"

Anti-Defamation League

From their website:

  • Religious Liberty
  • ADL regards the separation of church and state as essential to preserving religious freedom in our increasingly pluralistic society, and our work in this area is an integral part of the League's mission. Recent efforts to undermine church-state separation have prompted the implementation of a new ADL action plan to safeguard religious liberty. ADL's church-state publications, including a handbook and a color poster on the ABCs of Religion in the Public Schools, and pamphlets on related issues (The Case Against 'Charitable Choice,' School Vouchers: The Wrong Choice for Public Education, and The Creationism Controversy).

  • The League's Education Division is comprised of five programmatic departments: the A WORLD OF DIFFERENCE Institute offers anti-bias training to prepare students, adults and other community members to meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse world; Educational Policy and Programs conducts curricular and textbook review, and produces materials that promote church-state separation;

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