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The betrayal of religious leaders today  

8/27/03 On Christian radio news today, Forrest Turpen spoke about how we Christians can best make an impact in public school by presenting a servant's heart.


This is the same man quoted by TruthorFiction.com who successfully quelled public outrage over the textbook, "Across the Centuries", which lures children to Islam in public school. Turpen later admitted he did not even review the textbook! At a time when our Ten Commandments have become outlawed, when children are asked to assume they are Muslim soldiers, are lured into multi-religions, are taught acts of homosexuality, Turpen lulls Christians and advises us to enter in with a servant's heart and help our public schools.

Would Jesus open the door for Roman teachers of His day to teach Jewish children how to bow and pray to other gods? Would Jesus help mix the plaster to build mosques of worship to Allah? Would He pass out papers as teachers explain to Israelite children how to have anal sex? Would He offer to hand out the pornography books?

NO. If ever there was a time to overturn tables, this is it. Jesus has always had a special place in His heart for the children, "If you cause one of these little ones to stumble..." Because of what our public schools are imposing on them, our nation is screaming for judgment.

There is an evil growing, and it's worse than the terrorist groups. These organizations call themselves "Christian" but anyone who promotes comparative religion as they do in public school, is FAR from Christianity. God said He is a JEALOUS God. He said, "Take heed that you inquire not of other nations and how they serve their gods." In direct violation of what God says, "Christian Educators" defended the textbook "Across the Centuries" which blatantly lures children to Islam They promote comparative religion, claiming it is necessary to present the Gospel, but their "gospel" is stripped of the message of Christ, that He died for our sins!

Many public figures have courageously urged parents to pull their children out of school:

bulletDr. Dobson
bulletDr. Laura
bulletJoseph Farah
bullet David Limbaugh
bullet April Shenandoah
bulletJoel Miller
bullet David Kupelian
bulletPatrick O'Hannigan
bullet Steven Yates

But MANY of our beloved religious leaders endorse the actions of CEAI.

[Update: CEAI has taken a stand against Islamic induction. Names are being withheld as we hope and pray CEAI continues to strengthen in this direction.] ...For God is NOT a respecter of persons or titles. These people are accountable for their actions and those they endorse. May they cease to be "Christian" leaders that care little of God's precepts if they do not protect our children.

Jesus told us it would get very dark at the end times. On the night He was betrayed, Judas came to Him and said, "Hail, master" and kissed Him. Jesus, knowing full well Judas came to betray Him, replied, "Friend, wherefore art thou come?"

To all who promote that our children know other gods, to those who endorse comparative religion as they claim to hail Jesus, "Friend, wherefore art thou come?"

Beloved leaders, TURN AROUND while you can! Do not continue as Judas did. Do you understand who you stand with as CEAI's "Board of Reference", and what their Vice Chairman, Dan Elliott, believes? Do you not see our children spiritually crippled as Christian Educators advises us to sacrifice God's Word, remain and serve Egypt? God knows, just as He knows which of us are false shepherds more concerned about corporate finances, and have sold out our very children along with His Son.

See update:  Reaction to this post 


Names withheld. On January 12th, CEAI showed signs of a turnaround. With a new director, their position on comparative religion is as yet unknown, but they have taken a stand against the inductive handout Islam:A Simulation in public school. Pray that God lead and guide them.

 *names/organizations were emailed one month ago and notified of CEAI's actions