When I signed the candidate's form to run for school board, I had to sign a clause stating I would not "mudsling" at the other candidates.  Therefore "Profile of an Antichrist School Board" had been renamed "Profile of an American School Board" with facts remaining.  

My sincere gratitude to April Shenandoah for naming this website in her recent article.  I am so sorry that post is not in its original form.

I find myself in a difficult position.  My goal is to pursue family values and fairness.  It seemed right to run for school board to pursue those goals.  And yet, I must compromise my standpoint by watering down an article.  Would that Eve had recognized a snake and named it when she saw one. 

Is this diplomacy?  Okay, I FLUNK.  But I don't see diplomats getting us very far in maintaining Christian rights and protecting our children. 

If a school board looks, acts and feels like an antichrist school board what should we call it?  (thinking)....

Is "brood of vipers" politically correct?  I didn't think so...

It was righteous for Jesus to call the Pharisees "a brood of vipers" because Jesus truly LOVED them even as He said those words. He wept for them.  He knew their fate. 

I'd love to think my motives are as holy, but I know better....

As an evangelist with a footwashing booth, I've been spit at and threatened.  In my youth I was assaulted by a stranger and almost died.  I forgave that man and asked the court to give him therapy rather than jail time.



     I've been ripped off, gossiped and lied about but I've always been able to love and forgive.  I even forgave the woman who bad mouthed my mother at her funeral. I never carry a grudge. But when people try to hurt my children, especially spiritually, then I get angry. 

Please pray that I can find it in my heart to love these people who do so much under the name of "tolerance" when they have zero tolerance for the name of Jesus. 

How I long not to deal with these issues, to be gentle and caring and loving as Christ commands.  I want to walk away from this battle, but children are being spiritually wounded and crippled.  I cannot and I will not quietly walk away as public education forces it's satanic will on children.  I may not be the best Christian for the school board, but I'm the only one I know determined to do whatever I can within God's grace to turn the actions of this school board around. 

This county has a choice this year.  If I win the election,  I'll do the best that I can to bring Christian literature and family values back into the schools.  If I lose, I'm released to go.   I will wash my hands of it.  But it is important that San Luis Obispo has and makes a choice.  And all of heaven is watching.  Not because of me.  It's not about me at all.  It's about choice.  To God, it always has been.                              

-Jennifer Shroder (JenT)

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