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Kurt Warner, Superbowl Persecution

I was in shock. I whooped so loud that my cat flew up and almost landed in the dip. There was Kurt Warner on live TV, holding up his MVP trophy and exuberantly shouting ALL THE GLORY TO GOD! with his whole heart.

That was Superbowl XXXIV. The stunned newscaster then announced we would be right back with Kurt in the lockeroom after this message. But Kurt never appeared. Instead, the newscaster awkwardly explained that the owner of the team had great belief in astrology, and stumbled into a sudden explanation of the stars and how she read them.

Obviously, the station was doing a quick cover-up, unwilling to give Kurt another live chance at stating the "G" word. If only they had moved that quickly to censor Janet Jackson and her gyrating grinds and breast baring.

Now WND reports Kurt's NFL coaches are blaming his Bible reading for his on-field performance.

WND reports: "Kurt Warner was a hero for the St. Louis Rams as he led his team to victory in Super Bowl XXXIV, becoming the only quarterback in championship history to complete more than 400 yards passing in the title game.

But when his performance started to suffer at the beginning of this past season, he was told his benching to backup service resulted at least partially from his belief in Jesus.

"I actually had [Rams] coaches say I was reading the Bible too much and it was taking away from my play," Warner told the Baptist Press. "It was OK when we were winning, but now I was [messing] this thing up? People were saying I had lost my job because of my faith." 

"You want to say, 'God, how could You allow this to happen?'" he said. "I thought I was over the fact of being a backup. It was such a shock, but God has allowed me to use this greater platform for Him.

"If you can stand up for your faith when you're on top, you can stand up for it now that you're at the bottom."   "

[end of WND excerpts, see full article at http://www.wnd.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=36944

Kurt, all of heaven is applauding. Take courage. God said it would get very dark before the end times, and it is. But because of the Light of Christ that you shine, it has been like a lighthouse over a dark black ocean. May God bless you and comfort you, may His face shine upon you as you carry this torch.  You are an eternal MVP in a much bigger game. Whatever happens here on earth, there is a party in heaven just waiting for you.

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

~ JenT

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