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Glenn Beckís "Restoring Honor" a huge success
By Jen Shroder

Americaís faithful gathered with the unified mission to Restore Honor within ourselves and our nation. From the steps of the Abraham Lincoln Monument all the way past the World War II Memorial they gathered, straining to hear as numbers exceeded all hopes. Crowd estimates range from 500,000 to over a million as Beck spoke of God and family, of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Between a mix of Gospel and patriotic songs and speakers stood Martin Luther King Jrís niece, Dr. Alveda King, who bravely spoke in spite of threats and great risk.

Over $5 million was raised and donated to the noble Special Operations Warrior Foundation, which began by special ops promising to take care of one anotherís families as they faced dangerous missions and never came home.

Faith, Hope and Charity awards were presented to John M. Huntsman, a man who gave more than $2 billion dollars to charities; Albert Pujols, St. Louis Cardinals, boldly proclaimed his faith in the Gospel of Jesus Christ; and Tom Kirk, an Air Force squadron commander who survived years of torture in Hanoi.

After honoring so many and stirring the crowd, Glenn introduced Dave Reever, a Viet Nam veteran. Glenn said, "He was on a mission and he pulled a phosphorous grenade. It went off in his handÖHe told me that he actually put his head in his pillow and he screamed because he didnít want anyone in the hospital to hear. But when he removed his face from the pillow, he didnít care who heard him because his face was left in the pillow. Heís a man that tried to kill himself because he thought, ĎMy wife will not want me, no one will want what is left of this scarred man.í I am happy to say he has turned his life over to God and his wife stood by his side and as he said, kissed him in the one good part of his face and looked him into his one good eye and together they have made their way. Ladies and gentlemen, Dave Reever will offer our closing prayer."

Dave Reever walked up to the mic. "God in heaven, we recognize that there is a reflecting pool down here on earth. This one is not only of water but there is a second one, it is a pool of people gathered in Your name. And we reflect You. We are Your reflecting pool and we may be scarred or some of us limbs missing, we recognize the pain of war, but God YOU are the Healer. Our nation at war needs a Healer today, from Baghdad to Kandahar, wherever our troops are in harmís way. May hundreds of thousands of people at this very moment carry a big stick at the reflecting pool and may we move the heart of God to protect our troops who have protected us this very day to celebrate the freedom they have fought for us. God bless this nation. We thank You for our president, we thank You for our congress, we thank You for our land, but God we thank You that You rule in the hearts of these people and all things work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His purpose. On 8:28 of the book of Romans and on this glorious day, God I pray not only that You would bless those veterans that are returning, but in this crowd are tens of thousands of Viet Nam veterans that never got a welcome home." Dave paused a moment trying to compose himself and his voice cracked, " God give them a welcome home."

As I sat at my keyboard, I originally intended to cut back and forth between this illuminated event and the dark coverage of mainstream media. I was armed with names and quotes such as CNNís anchor agreeing with a contributor that this is, as he said, "the 2010 Wingnut Superbowl." But after Dave Reeverís heartfelt prayer, all I can say is, God help them. Glenn might be at risk of losing his eyesight, but he will never be that blind. God help them to see. Heal our nation that we, once more, may stand in Your name and be a light to a world in desperate need of You.

"The world will little note nor long remember what we say here, but it can never be forgotten what they did here. It is for us, the living, rather to be dedicated here to the unfinished work that they have thus so far nobly advanced. It is rather for us, here, to be dedicated now to the great task remaining before us, that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause which they gave their last full measure of devotion, that we here highly resolve that these dead shall have not died in vain. That this nation under God shall have a new birth of freedom, and that the government of the people, by the people and for the people shall not perish from this earth." ~Abraham Lincoln as quoted by Glenn Beck

God save us.