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I didn't tell anyone about this for a long time because I was so ashamed by how my "sins" were so thick they blackened the sky. About ten years later I still wondered what it meant and decided to submit it to a local paper, just because I wasn't sure what I was supposed to do with it. The following is true, at first written in the third person.

This silly woman

by Jen Shroder
Published in the Mammoth Times December 1996
Original newsprint in pdf format or thru archive webalizer

Pictures of location can be found at "Return to the water"

There was once a silly woman who had spent the better part of her adult life looking for something or someone, never sure what. She had done a lot of silly things by this time, silly and painful. In fact her life became quite frantic.

One day she picked up a book about Christ and Christian living and began to read by her condo complex pool. The pool was alive with splashing children seeking relief from the sweltering sun. The silly woman settled near the edge of the pool near her neighbor and began to read.

It wasnít long before she noticed a distinct thin, oblong[oval] halo of light encircling the sun in the clear blue sky. How odd, she thought, and mentioned it to her neighbor, who agreed she had never seen anything like it before. They both stared at the halo, which stretched out across most of the sky.

The silly woman went back to her reading, but felt continually interrupted by the halo, almost as if it was calling to her. She looked up at the sky, and, aware of the many people close by, whispered an exasperated "What? What? What do you want?" The only response was the dancing lights of the water beckoning her in. "Nope, no way. Iíve got a hot date tonight, my hair is just the way I want it. My makeup would run. There is no way Iím getting in that water. Nope. No way. Not."

Silence. Dancing lights. Calling. An urgency that grew until finally she shouted within: "OK, fine. One time. Iíll just jump in and get out one time, just in case. But this is the stupidest thing I have ever done."

Kids were still splashing; there was activity everywhere. Nobody noticed the silly woman as she grudgingly jumped in the water just deep enough to submerge completely. With her last glance at the pool before she went under, she noticed nothing unusual, but within the few seconds it took to jump in and pop her head back out, everything changed. She emerged to find the sky thick and dark with thousands of bees.

Everyone by the pool started diving for cover under towels, low to the ground where it wasnít so thick, or into the pool. The silly woman stayed as low as she could in the water, as the bees were getting thicker, blackening the sky. She had never seen anything like it. It lasted about 10 minutes until the bees dispersed. Many bees had gathered across the pool to a hanging branch. The silly woman and a young child walked to the branch and peered at the bees as they collectively hung from the branch. "It looks like a heart!" exclaimed the child, and it did. No one, not a man, woman or child had been stung.

The only conclusion the silly woman could come to was that the bees must have been or symbolized her sins, and she had been forgiven. She tried in vain to come up with a different conclusion, as her sins were so very many that they blackened the sky. It was humbling to see the vastness of them and she said nothing to anyone of it for years.

In the 10 years that passed, the silly woman committed many of the same sins. Sadly, the silly woman misinterpreted the event as a simple pat on the back from God. She felt she must be doing something right if God was giving her so much attention. She had no idea that this was a pursuit for her to come to a better life, to come to him.

It wasnít until this silly woman came to a crisis 10 years later that God exploded into her life and she realized how wrong she had been. I have never been the same since. You see, I am this silly woman, this story is true and exactly as it happened.

Have you ever heard Rev. Fred Weatherly speak? Rev. Fredís soul is like a shimmering butterfly that need only feel the shift of the breeze to know the direction of Godís will. In contrast, I feel like a cow that needs a good slap on the you-know-what to tell me which way to go, and I still get it wrong.

The point is, if we take the smallest little steps, if we barely peek through the door by doing something as small as reading a book about Jesus, he will be there, waiting to be let in if invited. If you donít believe in God, pray, just pray and ask him. If you ask in sincerity, you will feel his presence in whatever unique way he knows you can sense him. Hopefully youíre not so far gone that he has to do as much as he had to for "this silly woman." MT


*It was really an oval, I slept through geometry

The first person I ever told about this was my Aunt Joyce. She was a farm wife for years and had worked with bees. She told me bees will move their hive like that suddenly. That sounds like a good explanation, except for the suddenness, I mean it took maybe one second for me to go under and pop up again. I didn't see a single bee before going in but they were EVERYWHERE when I came up. People started diving for cover instantly because there was a visibly clear layer of space of about three feet between the water/ground and the air that was thick with them.

Secondly, it was really crowded at the pool that day. There were kids and splashing and noise...odd place for bees to target for a hive.

Third, the intense calling I felt. The timing. I'm embarrassed about my attitude, angrily thinking this whole thing was stupid when I jumped. If it is what I think it was, how lame is that to have those thoughts when it happened?

Anyway, I'll never forget the light dancing on that water...I can't describe it. It was intense. All the activity in the pool was causing the reflecting sun to just...I can't describe it with words. I kept trying to ignore it and read this pamphlet type book that I had gotten from the Sacred Heart Parish. I really, really, really did NOT want to jump in. But I couldn't deny it.

It was a mind boggling day that I still am not sure what it was about.

Oh I also looked up halos in the sky. They do happen. There are some amazing pictures, but nothing like what we saw. I remember saying to the girl next to me, "Do you think scientists everywhere are freaking out right now?" -it was that distinct. So are the ones in pictures on the internet, except that there wasn't a cloud in the sky the day I saw it. And these articles say there have to be clouds. And it was a long, complete oval around the sun, not a circle, not an arch, a perfect oval that stretched across the sky right over us.

On Sept. 8, 2012 I returned there. It was on Moorpark in San Jose, a few blocks off Saratoga. (This water picture is from my return trip.)

One of the most amazing days of my life. Topped only by the time God saved my sons and I from a head-on collision. It wasn't as spectacular visually, but He saved my sons. How can anything top that?

~ Jen, 2010

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MEANING OF THE HEART: (clip from King of my heart ) "...He was talking about the "shin," holding up a picture of the human heart and comparing it to a valentine "heart" shape. I never noticed before how a sectioned heart had that shape. Stone had a whole thing about our hearts but what caused me to "about fall over" was when he said that the Hebrew "Shin" was the symbol for "Shaddai" one of my favorite names of God, "El Shaddai"! Itís even the link title of my website: "Eloheim, El Shaddai, Yeshua, Adonai" I checked a few websites and what Perry Stone said is true."

NOTE: The heart of bees pictured here is a PHOTOSHOP that I did to try to show how a bunch of bees swarming all over each other could gather into a heart. They will gather and crawl all over each other when a new queen bee begins a new hive or they move their hive. But with the oval around the sun, a calling to the water as I was reading about Jesus, jumping in without seeing a single bee and emerging a split second later with thousands to millions of them darkening the sky, finding them gathered to shape a heart, years later finding the meaning of the heart, maybe you just have to be me to know that something happened that day. All I know is God is truly amazing.

I also tried to photoshop the oval in the sky but I just couldn't capture it. All of my attempts looked so lame.

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