Revelation 12

If someone else told me that events in their life lined up with the woman in Revelation 12, I wouldn’t believe them either. The thing is...I don't need anyone to believe me. All that matters is that I tell the truth.

It happened. Miraculously. Three times.


When I first started to see how events in my life lined up with events in Revelation 12, I looked for any words that described the woman as virtuous, because that would exclude me. I lived my life like most women in this culture and I have paid heavy prices. All that's good about me is what Christ has done for which I am so very grateful. So I wrote Study of the Revelation 12 woman. I still couldn't face it, and wrote King of my heart. Months passed and I struggled with it. I finally wrote about it on a Sunday morning before church, thinking I can't submit this to my publishers, I just can't. It was about the unique oval halo I saw 25 years ago and what I saw it to mean. The pastor gave an amazing sermon about doing what God tells us to do but I still knew I couldn't submit it. That's when the halo hung right over my church. I almost fell over when I came out of church and everyone was looking up at the sky behind me. I looked up and almost fell over. I wished I had brought my camera but thought if God wanted me to have a picture, He will provide. Then a woman stood behind my left shoulder and took one with her cell phone. I asked for a copy and she sent it in an email right then and there, and another one later. It was AMAZING and I knew, I had to submit what I wrote that morning.. I just had to. Rev. 12: A Gentile Woman Travailing. A short time later I wrote the last, Revelation 12: "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven"  trying to figure it out. So many pieces fit but so many don't. I could be completely wrong, because if it's true, where are the two witnesses? And certain details are out of order. All I know for sure is what happened 25 years ago, what I saw over my church as I prayed about it and all the amazing things that God has done in my life. He does amazing things for anyone who gives their life to the Lord. Because the miracle was never about the Revelation 12 woman or the details around it. The miracle is that Christ came for her, for  all of us, even in this culture of moral freefall...Christ comes for us. Do not miss Him. Ask Him into your life today because you don't know what tomorrow will bring. Nobody does. But the signs are everywhere. Come.

Revelation 12 Update
August 17, 2013

Rev. 12: A Gentile Woman Travailing.
Revelation 12: "And there appeared a great wonder in heaven"

Study of the Revelation 12 woman

Back up of facts:

This Silly Woman - as written 15 years ago
about what happened 25 years ago

The halo that appeared over the city when my son returned from Rome

This Silly Woman Returns to the Water
28 years later

King of my heart.

Head-on with Life 8/7/2011

Where are the two witnesses? 8/16/2011
Maybe I'm wrong

One more thing. I am both born-again Protestant Christian and confirmed Catholic. I love Bible studies, pastors that preach heavily on the Bible. I love all the treasures in the Bible just waiting to be found...and I don't understand many of Catholic traditions. Nevertheless, it was a Catholic pamphlet about the Gospel of Jesus Christ that I was reading when the halo first happened 25 years ago. And when I returned to the water, it stunned me that the silence was broken with the sound of bells in the exact pitch of the Catholic bells when communion/Eucharist is given.

I believe there are born again Christians in both the Protestant AND Catholic pews. All of this fighting within the body has got to stop. God knows who His own are. Jesus did not condemn the widow for putting her last two pennies in the temple box with leaders that were plotting His death. And when the disciples asked Him if they should stop people not with them from healing in Jesus' name, He told them no. Please stop pointing fingers at each other. We who are His, are brothers and sisters in Christ, all glory to God.

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