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Return to the Water
Sept 8, 2012
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(This is a return to what happened long ago)

I finally went back to that pool. It’s five hours away, but I wanted to see it again if it was still there after almost 30 years. It looked so different. I remembered a lot more trees where the bees clustered together into a heart hanging from a branch. On the day I was there so long ago, it was full of children splashing and laughing. Today it was quiet. The really nice lawn chairs were gone and I was locked out. I was peeking through the bars wondering if this was really the one because it looked so bare, where were the huge trees…and then I looked at the huge tree trunk just a couple of feet in front of my face and realized that was a very old tree, they had just trimmed it A LOT.

So I ventured inside and fortunately a woman named Sandra was there. She had lived there for 15 years and said, "Oh YES, there was a huge beautiful tree on this side next to the one large one but it was taken out 5 years ago. She said she bought her apartment because of that tree and it really upset her that they took it out. She described everything as I remembered it, including the large trees on the other end. She said there used to be a lot more parties there before they took out the trees but it was still very unusual that it was so quiet that day.

After she left, I started taking pictures of the sun and its reflection on the water. I had to try to splash the water myself to try to get it to look like it did that day, but I failed. On that day it was dancing because of all the children playing, it seemed smoother and luminescent…but I tried to capture it anyway.

Then I went over to the tree. I was fascinated with it because I think that was the tree where the bees gathered. I thought to touch it, but I was startled by a squirrel that raced down toward me. I wondered if it was taking a protective attack position because of a nest nearby even if it was September, it seemed so intent about me. It was enough to keep me from touching that old tree, and in hindsight I realized maybe it wasn't a good idea to touch the tree that held the bees that I THINK had something to do with my sins. I really don't understand this because Christ is the way, the truth and the life, there can be no replacement! There is no other way to be cleansed from sin! So to this day I don't understand what happened or what it meant, I was reading, thinking and praying about Christ when I felt so called to the water...but this was so different from any baptism I had ever heard about.

When I got home, I tried to look up squirrel behavior, I must have over a dozen pictures of this little guy because he wouldn't leave. The only thing I could find was that when they lay flat like he was, it means they are totally comfortable, they can’t move quickly from that position. Ha I thought he looked like he was going to spring at me at any moment.

After a while I returned to the water and stared at it as it was reflecting, trying to remember every detail of that day. I just stood there, staring and remembering, watching the lights in their dance, transfixed, when suddenly the silence was sharply broken by the distinct sound of bells. What stunned me was they sounded EXACTLY like the little bells at the Catholic Church, I think they play them just as the priest prays over the bread and wine, or maybe just after that. I have wondered what those bells were for and will have to ask next Sunday. But for now, I was stunned at hearing them, chimes … pause … chimes … pause and they were getting closer. It turned out to be a man with a little ice cream cart, I suppose he was ringing the bells for the children. But to have them chime like that in the exact same pitch, at the exact right time…

I laughed to myself as I left, sort of wishing I had seen another oval circle around the sun but then I laughed all the more when I realized if I had, I guess I would have had to jump in again and I wasn't prepared for that :)

God is soooo good!

NOTE: The heart of bees pictured here is a PHOTOSHOP that I did to try to show how a bunch of bees swarming all over each other could gather into a heart. They will gather and crawl all over each other when a new queen bee begins a new hive or they move their hive. But with the oval around the sun, a calling to the water as I was reading about Jesus, jumping in without seeing a single bee and emerging a split second later with thousands to millions of them darkening the sky, finding them gathered to shape a heart, years later finding the meaning of the heart, maybe you just have to be me to know that something happened that day. All I know is God is truly amazing.

I also tried to photoshop the oval in the sky but I just couldn't capture it. All of my attempts looked so lame.

MEANING OF THE HEART: (clip from King of my heart ) "...He was talking about the "shin," holding up a picture of the human heart and comparing it to a valentine "heart" shape. I never noticed before how a sectioned heart had that shape. Stone had a whole thing about our hearts but what caused me to "about fall over" was when he said that the Hebrew "Shin" was the symbol for "Shaddai" one of my favorite names of God, "El Shaddai"! It’s even the link title of my website: "Eloheim, El Shaddai, Yeshua, Adonai" I checked a few websites and what Perry Stone said is true."

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