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Festival Days (Phase 4)
During Festival Days, each group will present a research project from an extensive list. These projects require you to complete several interesting tasks which will culminate in a group presentation of your choosing during “Festival.” You will possibly decide to serve food from the Islamic world, play Middle-Eastern music, present a Middle Eastern dance, explain and wear Middle-Eastern clothing, or do any one of many different options. This presentation is not only a good peer teaching experience for you, it is also great fun and, likely, will become a major part of your grade during ISLAM

[So, if Johnny decides not to get on his hands and knees and pray to Allah or fast during his lunch, he gets an F?]

Islamic Bowl (Phase 5)
Your group will have one final chance to collect direct dirhems by competing against rival groups during the Islamic Bowl—a sort of World Series of Islamic knowledge. Here you review the knowledge you have learned in the last three weeks, as well as help your group gain enough dirhems to complete your pilgrimage and win the race. This final activity reviews information which will be used during a possible final test on Islam. (A unit test consisting of questions based on those asked during the Islamic Bowl activity, plus possibly an essay question or two, ends the unit.)

Other responsibilities
During ISLAM you will have several important responsibilities. Working in your group as a responsible member is important to you and your group. Attendance, punctuality, and sharing group work all help to insure you and your group a good experience. Dressing as a Muslim and trying to be involved will increase your learning and enjoyment. Finally, trying your best at all tasks will guarantee you an excellent grade and a more enjoyable time.

[This is bribery, threats, and peer pressure all rolled into one! Sheesh!]

As Muslims during the time of Prophet Muhammad, you will be affected by Bulletin Cards which will aid or hinder your progress on your pilgrimage. You could be attacked by a rival tribe, misdirected by a “jinn” (devil), or confronted by a severe dust storm. You could sell a valuable cargo, make a pilgrimage to Mecca, or host a dignitary. Whatever you experience, you should find this simulation to be exciting and challenging.

With so much information, what is important? Your teacher and group members will help you organize the key information you need to truly understand Islamic culture. Given the historical and present-day importance of the Islamic World, it is very important that you ask questions if you don’t understand something brought up in this unit.

Good luck!

[A picture of a crowd of Muslims and Westerners walking together toward fanciful Arabic style buildings is shown with the caption:] “Today the Arab world is not isolated; it is inter-related with other countries throughout the globe.” 

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1. Introduction "You will become Muslims"
2. Being Muslim
3. Islamic names children chose to "become Muslims"
4. Glossary
5. Glossary2  Muhammad factually defined as "Prophet of God"
6. Quran/Koran - Children to define its teachings into their life today
7. Verses from the Qur'an
8. "Reading Strategy" - obvious brainwashing strategy!
9. Lesson 2 Preview - directs children to write that the Quran is Allah's words!
10. Lesson 2 Summary - "The Life of the Prophet"
11. Islam History - more beliefs given as facts