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  1. Muhammad (moo-HAM-ed) God's final prophet who perfected Islam, 570-632
  2. Abu Bakr (a-BOO BAK-er_ first caliph of Islam
  3. Omar Khayyam (O-mar ki-YAM) Muslim poet who wrote the Rubaiyat
  4. Ali (A-lee) Prophet Muhammad's son-in-law; a leading figure in the Shi'a branch of Islam
  5. Ibn Sena (IB-en SEE-na) great Muslim scientist, 980-1037
  6. Muawiya (MOO-ah-wee-ya) caliph of Umayyad Dynasty, 661-680
  7. Abdul Maylik (AB-dool MAY-lik) caliph of Umayyad Dynasty, 685-705
  8. Ahman Suer (A-MAN soor) second Abbasid caliph, 754-775
  9. [illegible] (HAROON al-RASHID) fifth Abbasid caliph, 786-809
  10. Abdul Rama... (AB-dool RAH-man) caliph who ruled the western Islamic Empire, 912-961

[Highlighted terms I cannot read, but definitions are]:

  1. Peace be with you
  2. And may peace be with you
  3. my name is
  4. Go with peace
  5. thank you
  6. (IN sha AL-LAH) (g)od willing

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1. Introduction "You will become Muslims"
2. Being Muslim
3. Islamic names children chose to "become Muslims"
4. Glossary
5. Glossary2  Muhammad factually defined as "Prophet of God"
6. Quran/Koran - Children to define its teachings into their life today
7. Verses from the Qur'an
8. "Reading Strategy" - obvious brainwashing strategy!
9. Lesson 2 Preview - directs children to write that the Quran is Allah's words!
10. Lesson 2 Summary - "The Life of the Prophet"
11. Islam History - more beliefs given as facts