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"In the name of Allah..."

In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
These words are called the exordium, or passage, which is the start of every sura, or chapter, in the Qur'an, the holy book of Islam. It is recited often, including every time a Muslim eats or drinks, begins a journey, and enters a building. Though this simulation is about the history and culture of the Arabs, it is impossible to understand it without understanding the influence of Islam. Today with more than a billion believers, Islam is the world's second largest religion. Only Christianity is larger. Prophet Muhammad has been called the most influential man in history. With this much influence, the religion of Islam cannot be ignored.

Then where are the Christian beliefs about Jesus? Why is it that no where is the simple fact that Christians believe Jesus died for our sins? How are the Christian beliefs of America's forefathers expunged from America's history books?

Arabia The area in southwest Asia, between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf, is called the Arabian Peninsula. The people who live there are known as Arabs. Largely a desert region, the peninsula stretches for about a million and a quarter square miles. Some areas, such as Yemen, feature well-watered fertile mountains in its interior.

Bedouins Before and after the establishment of Islam, many Arabs were Bedouins, or nomads of the desert. Bedouins lived in tents woven from goat or camel hair and spent most of their time traveling in the desert in search of good grass and water for their herds and camels, sheep, and goats. Bedouins also staged raids on other desert peoples and fought over pastures and wells. Arabs also were farmers, craftsmen, and merchants. Today, Bedouins are but a small minority of the Arab population, as most Arabs live in cities and surrounding urban areas.

Religion Before God revealed His message to Prophet Muhammad, the Arabs worshiped many gods. They believed spirits dwelled in rocks and trees. Arabs sometimes made statues of their gods. Each Arab town and tribe believed in different gods. Each Arab town and tribe believed in different gods and basically did what they thought was right. There were organized religions in this region, however. Judaism and Christianity had been present in Arabia for several centuries. Jews and Christians had participated in many caravans and their influence was strong throughout the Arabian peninsula. This was Arabia in 570, the year in which the Prophet Muhammad was born.

Muhammad - the prophet of Islam  Prophet Muhammad was born in 570 in Mecca which is located about halfway down western Arabia near the Red Sea. During Prophet Muhammad's time, it was important trading stop between the Arabian Sea and the Mediterranean Sea. Prophet Muhammad's father died a few months before he was born. When Prophet Muhammad was six, his mother died, and he was raised by his grandfather and eventually by his uncle, Abu Talib. As a  young man, Prophet Muhammad traveled in trading caravans between Mecca and Syria.  [acknowledged as Prophet six times in one paragraph]

Angel Gabriel directs Prophet Muhammad When Prophet Muhammad was 25, he married Khadija, a rich widow. Prophet Muhammad became very successful in the caravan business and was known for his honesty and wisdom. Prophet Muhammad, however, was troubled by the drinking, gambling, and corruption in Mecca and other Arabian cities. While meditating in a cave in the desert, he had a vision of an angel. He was told by the angel Gabriel to be the apostle of God and to "warn" the people. From this date, around 610, Prophet Muhammad spent the rest of his life preaching the faith of Islam. At first people laughed at him, but eventually Prophet Muhammad became an important religious leader in the region. In 622 he migrated to Medina, a central event in the establishment of Islam. Eight years later he led an army into Mecca; the city surrendered without bloodshed. He destroyed the idols inside the ancient Kaaba. Mecca was now the center of Islam, and Prophet Muhammad was the leader. God's revelations were written down over a period of 23 years which today constitutes the Qur'an, the holy book of Muslims. When Prophet Muhammad died in 632, Islam was a religion about to shake the foundations of the Asian, African, and European worlds.

["God" indicates "God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob" which is NOT the same as Allah! It is highly offensive every time "God" is used to translate "Allah"!]

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