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If God can use a donkey...

I guess He can use me.

JenT  / Footwashing Team in 2001

Because I was "sent." For years I've been silent about the things God has done in my life. I am certain if I'm called anything, it will be a heretic, crazy, mocked, laughed at and shunned, especially by comfortable Christians. But the message that God sends is so important, that I can't consider the cost to give it.

In the mid-80's, before I committed my life to God and during my most decadent sinful lifestyle, God got my attention in an undeniable way. I kept it a secret for YEARS because I was so ashamed my sins were so many that they blackened the sky. I finally wrote about it publicly in 1996.  Since that day no one could ever convince me there is no God, and He went on to show me countless miraculous events since, including saving my life and my sons from a head-on collision. But more than that, two others stand out.

Most Christians deny "speaking in other languages." I resisted the idea for years, mostly because the words "speaking in tongues" brought to my mind the image of multiple tongues flapping out of our heads, (yuck!). But when a friend of mine insisted that God was impressing to him the urgency of my speaking in tongues, I gave up my pride and I tried it. I was not prepared for what happened. But what truly amazes me about it, is a word that kept coming up. The word "allah." I struggled not to say the word when speaking in a "prayer language" but I couldn't stop it, and I did not know what the Holy Spirit was saying about it. At that time, all I knew about "allah" was it was a false god worshipped by some religion that I did not know. Finally, I looked it up in Strong's Exhaustive Concordance. The Hebrew phonetic word allah (aw-law) means to lament, mourn and curse. (Strong's Exhaustive Concordance #421, 422, 423). Once I looked this up, the word stopped. But "Ramah" kept coming instead (another story).

Little did I know where God would lead me for the next few years in battling indoctrination of children to "allah" in our school textbooks and on their hands and knees in public school. God led and gave incredible fruit in these battles that I still praise Him continuously for. But the first thing I had to do was submit and follow Him.

After 22 years in the mountains, I wept when I left for the valley, but I knew God was calling me there. Countless events have happened that testify to the reality of God, things that could not have happened if I had stayed in the mountains. But one of the most undeniable is He blessed me with an answer for atheists when they tried to deny God. Pastors are unable to dispute it.

A group of atheists argued that Jesus' three days and three nights in the belly of the whale was not three days and three nights in the heart of the earth (or grave to their way of thinking.)

God answered them by giving me, an unscholared housemom of no repute, an answer to a Bible miracle that has evaded Bible scholars for centuries. God was giving a "sign," the sign of Jonah, the only sign Jesus said would be given an adulterous nation. God was reaching out to the atheists and to all unbelievers. Even people who hate God are so important to God, that He left us Christians here to go through great suffering that unbelievers would know His invitation to an awesome eternity. Unbelievers are crucially important to God.

And during these times, God also wants it known, if we turn our backs on God, He WILL turn His back on us.

Is it possible that America could turn around and herald in a revival? I don't know. I listen to liberals so determined to force their morally corrupt atheist  beliefs on us and our children. There is such a dark principality controlling Hollywood, influencing the minds of the nation. I don't know what will happen with America. But I do know this. America is warned.

Throughout history, since the beginning of time, God has warned the people before He moved. It doesn't matter if people will not listen. It doesn't matter if I'm laughed at and mocked and persecuted. Nothing matters, except the message. America, you are warned. Repent, or face certain destruction. Do not blame the Muslims, do not blame Korea, do not blame our government, we bring it on ourselves. There is no one else to blame, there is no one else to pay the price, except His Son, Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ will pay our price and secure an eternal holy home for those who hear His voice. But in this life, on this planet, Christians, we are here and until He comes, we will suffer because we have a message to give. A message more important than our comfort or even our lives. The love of Christ to all, even to Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden if they would receive Him (though there are still consequences for their actions on this planet).

Saul of Damascus was much like Saddam and Osama before Christ turned his life around, and Saul/Paul wrote most of the New Testament.

Saints, we have a message to give. The love of Christ. We will suffer that we may give that message, and God will allow it. Do not hide in your prayer closet, do not be pacified by pastors who tell you to suffer in silence. Pick up your cross, God is with you, we can go through the storm with Him but as we do, forgive those who mock you, forgive those who hate you, proclaim what God whispers in your ear, and follow Jesus Christ. 

Don't miss "Corruption in our children's textbooks."

It's amazing, I'm rarely in the news any more, but there are more people viewing this website than ever before. It's gotta be God.    ...or terrorists. I prefer the former (smile).

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