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John Walker Lindh & California school proselytizing

Islam proselytized in Public School

Homeschool or Public School

Militant Terrorist Islam

God blesses those who bless Israel

For Women Only

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What We Believe

bullet"That God so loved the world that He gave His only Son..." .

God loves all of us, and He gave His Only Son that we could be reconciled to Him. God is too holy to mix with our sin, so Jesus volunteered to come down and pay the price, that the Holy Spirit could then indwell us once we receive Him, make His home with us, and change us.
bullet "We battle not flesh and blood but principalities"

No one is our enemy, not even Osama Bin Laden, though he needs to be dealt with swiftly and we are fully behind that. Do you realize Christians must have considered Paul much like Osama Bin Laden before Paul had his revelation of Jesus? Paul was hunting down and killing Christian men, women and children as well. God can change any of us if we receive Him. We pray for Osama, although his life be forfeit for his actions, we must strive to forgive him. Christ forgave those who mocked Him and crucified Him as He hung on the cross, yes brethren, we can do this.
bullet "Love your neighbor as yourself."

Christians are tolerant and loving because that is the spirit of God who indwells us. Christians are not perfect except in Christ. We are a work in progress however. Please forgive us and be patient when we stumble and forget God's second most important commandment.
bullet "You will know My people by their love."

Anyone can call themselves Christian. So many evil things have been done in the name of Christianity, but were they Christians? Did they obey Christ's teachings? We pray people are not deceived.
bullet"Take heed that you inquire not after other nations and how they serve their gods."

Our children are under attack, and though we must remain calm and not lose our peace, we must still object to the darkness that is trying to reach them. No one has the right to mandate our children to seek another god. Our God is a jealous God. Will we obey God or man? We choose God.

We will not endorse any one particular denomination over another. We believe there are many godly churches, many questionable churches, and many false churches. However God will make those distinctions and will prayerfully guide His children to the denomination best suited to their particular gifts. We believe the Bible is the inerrant word of God. But on issues such as "talking in tongues", and charismatic v. fundamental...we do not believe one is exclusive over the other. Nor should the Catholic Church be persecuted and condemned. The Catholic Church has had its struggles, but before you judge her, read this. These words are alive.  

In Luke 21:4, Jesus praises the woman who gave her last two mites as an offering to God in the temple where Jesus rebuked the religious leaders. Jesus appreciates the individual heart of His believers, even when we naively give to the temple that plotted to kill Him. It's all about our relationship with Him through the Bible. If the church leaders are errant on an issue, God will deal with it. Pray for them.

Our kids are exposed to violence, pornography, and spiritually unhealthy imagery day after day. Our public schools need to be a "safe haven" from violence expressed as religion, and an alarming marginalizing of Judeo-Christian values, too often presenting them as racist, intolerant, or outright evil.  Grossly imbalanced religious and behavioral issues masquerading as "diversity" is not diversity at all. Rather, it is repugnant and immoral.

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