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  Let our children GO
by JenT 

                                                                                                             Personal Testimony


I had decided I was DONE with this issue, Thomas More Law Center and Pacific Justice Institute are doing such a good job.  Rev. Austin Miles is a great media spokesman.  There was no need for me any more and I began to refocus only on my children, be a "normal" mom again, whatever that is. 

I haven't been to church in months.  I had left my local one as I was splitting it, many worked for the Dept. of Education putting the pastor in a difficult position, so I left.

A few days ago I had a STRONG  urge to go to a Bible study.  I found one in Cambria. I drove excitedly, knowing it was God calling me.

It was all about the Israelites making it to the river and looking at the huge giants over in the promised land.  Some of the Israelites said to Moses that they were happy with the land they were in and didn't want to go on to battle.  They wanted to set up where they were, and take care of their children.  (Num 32).  Moses dealt with them.   So you want to take care of your children do you?  So you want to let others go to battle without you?  You will be a discouragement to those still fighting...  The whole hour was all about not quitting the battle under the excuse of for our children.  He must have said the same thing in 20 different ways. 

I drove home a little stunned... a lot stunned.  "God, what am I supposed to do?  They don't need me any more."  I thought, well, what have I been doing?  Research.  What else can I research....

I came home, looked up California's state standards (what Calif. instructs these school boards to teach).  I cranked out the only article anyone has ever published so far.  "The Wolf in Critical Thinking" flew onto the page.  It was one of those God things.  Where you write things down and are reading it as though it's for the first time.  And it was so true.  We are battling a two headed wolf, the one teaching our children to know other gods, under the guise of "culture", the other instructing our children what to believe about it under the guise "critical thinking", The chosen textbook of California shows the agenda adopted by public school... stripping Christianity of love and truth while Islam is lifted up and embraced along with atheism, take your pick. 

As I read these state standards, the truth was so obvious when it wasn't before.  This happens with the Bible, you read something and it doesn't hit you until God shows it to you. 

It's also happened when atheists challenge me in public forums.  Words come out of my mouth, truths I never realized before and when I double checked it in the Bible, yep, there it is.

 I've since written "Profile of an Antichrist School Board." I'm sure many Christians are ashamed of me for being so bold and so confronting.  But it's time.  Our children are being sacrificed on the alters of legislation, hammered by the judges that support Antichrist teaching, approving the pornography that's passing for curricula, pushing other gods, the list is endless.

Right is wrong and wrong is right.  God's words are coming to life in front of our eyes.  My heart is breaking for the children.  I have wept for people so blind they can't see the passion of God.  They don't want to see.  They've made their decision, they're going down, and they want to take our children down with them.

And I will not, under the name of love, stand silently by as they do.   I don't believe that's God's intention for us, to stand by as our children are spiritually attacked.

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  Love the school board?  I'm trying.  God knows I'm trying.  But that love will not keep me from naming what these lost people are trying to do to our kids. 

For this is the spirit of the antichrist, and yes, I dare to say so.  Pray for them, but give them our children to lead into darkness?  No.  Moses took his people out of Egypt (the world).  It's time we stood up and demanded that Pharoah let our children go.  And if they don't?  May God have mercy on their souls. 

Why is the ACLU so against the voucher system?  Think about it, how many atheist schools do you see?  It's like they took over the party and we want to leave.  They are trying to force us to stay and teach our children THEIR way, to keep our children in THEIR system.  I liked WND's quote, we need "separation of atheist and state."

It's time to get up from the TV, or the computer, or work.  It's time to receive God's strength, stand up and be counted at a school board meeting and protest.  It's time to pull our children out of school and homeschool if we can.  It's time to face it, the spirit of the Antichrist is after our children in public school.  Is it love to tolerate it and send our children alone to it?  Is that the love of Jesus?  Get your children out of Egypt, I'm trying too.  Demand that the government

11/18/02  Continual praise and testimony:  It has now been almost a year since BlessedCause began.  In that time I became very sick.  The doctors had ruled out treatable reasons for my symptoms and were now starting expensive tests. 

It had been a long time since I'd been to church, I didn't want to bring division to another church, so I planned to attend again after the election.   Suddenly all many friends and acquaintances began telling me I needed to get back in fellowship.  Even friends in Oregon that didn't know I'd been missing church.  I finally went and sang praise with a body of believers for the first time in a long time.  Something happened.  Not a distinct sensation but I just knew something was different.  I called my friend and told her I wouldn't be surprised if I was healed then and there. 

I went in for more tests two days later.  They could find nothing wrong.  Indications from previous tests were gone.  Praise God!  They keep asking me to come in for more tests and even sound disappointed when the tests come back negative because what they suspected I had does not suddenly disappear, nor its symptoms.  I just smile.   

Coincidence?  This happened as I was anticipating the newspapers to tear me apart as I ran for school board.  (although I didn't campaign at all, I was concerned about what was happening in the news, I'd been heavily attacked before and my sons had suffered enough).  I still had election night to face.  I was starting a new job, and I'm still being contacted by the media over the textbook situation.  Modern medicine says stress is hard on our bodies.  My stressors was off the charts, just like my test results,  and yet, I was healed.

Then election night hit.  I prayed "God, if I'm going to lose, can it at least be close?"  Know what I was reminded of?  That Jesus went to the cross ALONE.  Completely alone.  And every single solitary person that voted for me was an incredible blessing.

I knew I could check the computer any time during the night and see how the numbers were coming in.  I brought home the website address.  But I didn't check it once through the night. God felt so close to me that night, more than ever before.  It was anointed, the most awesome night of my life. 

I lost the election, my opponents both received 44% of the vote and I received 12%, or 3,672 votes.  But every single solitary one of those votes was precious to the Lord,  and if I could do it all over again, I certainly would.  I have never felt so blessed.   
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